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Top 7 excuses people make for not launching start up

Top 7 excuses people make for not launching start up

We’re humans and we all are full of fear. And moreover, we’re fresh graduates, just left lose; the fear inside us is at peak at this point of time- the fear of securing the future. Most of us fear whether we’ll get placed or not but few think out of the box. The few creative ones fantasize about their own start ups. These ‘few’ is what world needs the most as of now. Despite they dare to at least think about it but most of them take a step back. The reason for stepping back is nothing but fear. Fear of instability of their thought. And because of which they end up making many excuses.

Here are the top 7 excuses people make for not launching start up:
1. Where to find finance, resources & capital?
Who’ll finance me?
What about the capital?
Where will I get the resources?
The above three are the prime questions that arise in a newbie’s mind. ‘Money’ is one of the top most issues as rarely are they from financially sound families. Keeping the above factors in mind they often end up giving up on the idea, which is a sheer stupidity. If your idea is good, the money and the financiers are there waiting for you.

2. But I have a job!
This is another very important excuse yet not talked about for not launching start ups. Most of the graduates believe that they have a secured job, a secured salary, a stable life then why to execute their idea as a start up and lead a better life.

3. Will I get the ‘ers?
The ‘ers here are ‘Customers, supporters and workers’. The excuse makers always wonder if people will support their start up, if they’ll find workers willing to work and most of all, will they find genuine customers to take the service.

4. Family support.
‘My parents won’t let me launch a start up’, they say. One should understand that they are mature enough to take reliable decisions and should teach the same to their family. The day you start working hard, the family automatically begins supporting you.

5. I’m immature in business.
I don’t know a single thing about business. I’m a mere newbie, how will I understand work?
How will I execute the entire idea and launch my start up successfully? Who will guide me? These questions remain unanswered to all the start up aspirants and considering them too harshly, they leave the idea.

6. What if I lose?
The word ‘if’ has ruined many dreams and similarly has ruined the launching of many start up’s, too! The success is not definite for sure but unless a person tries, how can he determine whether his idea will work or not. Even if it doesn’t, there still lies a good thing, fact that ‘experience’ always pays. Always.

7. I’ll be laughed at.
‘If in case I lose, the world will laugh at me for such a decision’ –thoughts like these are the worst of all. The world, the people are there to speak non sense and laugh at you. Their aim is to make you feel down. But it is you who must ignore the dogs barking and concentrate on the success you want to achieve and not make excuses like these.

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