Techment Saluting the Agility of Women, Bridging the Divide

Techment Saluting the Agility of Women, Bridging the Divide.

 “Woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Diane Mariechild

From the first day of our lives into this world, we find a woman playing different roles at different stages of our lives. She is the symbol of True Creation, Nurture and Transformation. From raising a child to contributing to society to running a business whatever it is, she does her things efficiently and elegantly.

Techment truly salutes this spirit of women and tries to further empower them in all possible ways. We believe in Gender Equality and we feel proud of the fact that 60 percent of our team workforce comprises of women. Techment, provides its women workforce with an agile career and equal opportunity of learning, same kind of growth, similar perks and facilities, an open culture to express their ideas. We constantly work towards their future digital development along with felicitating her contributions and efforts.

Our Pink Workforce needs a special mention. They are always actively involved whether it is solving a complex problem or working on any technological innovation or creating a happy and fun-loving atmosphere at work. Can’t deny they are always a step ahead when we talk about anything from showcasing their creativity, outings or celebrations. We salute them not only for their contribution but also for being role models for all of us. It’s truly remarkable how well they play all their roles and responsibilities yet work so hard to keep Techment ahead.

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