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Quikr launches diagnostic app QuikrScanner, a diagnostic app for mobile phones


Oh Crap! I dropped my phone. How should I manage all my work now? I am running short of money, hence can not even buy a new phone. The option left is to buy pre -owned phone. But can I trust the seller?

The above situation depicts the limbo state of many of us when we are in urgent need to buy a phone but are running out of money. In such situations there are many applications like Quikr out there on which sellers and buyers register and do trading of pre-owned goods. In case of electronics, specially as personal as a cell phone, it is difficult to trust unknown sellers.

To overcome this fear in buyers mind, Quikr has gone a step ahead and launched a diagnostic app QuikrScanner  to scan and provide a score based on the condition of the cell phone.QuikrScanner runs upto 20 tests to evaluate an Android phone, including its battery, front and rear camera, network, etc. Sellers can install this app and get their score and showcase the score to gain prospect buyers’ trust. QuikrScanner will offer consumers a convenient way to make better informed purchase decisions.

“C2C is a strategic category for us and as leaders in this space with over 30 million unique visitors on our platform, we have always strived to build trust and safety in transactions between our buyers and sellers. The QuikrScanner diagnostic app was recently introduced on our Android app, m-site and desktop in order to bring more transparency to transactions of pre-owned mobiles,”- Anurag Saran, CPO, Quikr.

We felt it is our duty as a market leader to introduce this layer of verification and protection for consumers who buy pre-owned phones on Quikr. We also offer warranty for pre-owned phones, and the warranty will further add to the confidence of buyers while transacting on Quikr. The app has seen phenomenal voluntary uptake from our sellers which goes to speak about the quality of our user base – already 20% of mobile listings on Quikr have the QuikrScanner report attached,” – Anurag Saran, CPO, Quikr.

QuikrScanner also comes embedded in Quikr’s mobile app, and sellers who use the Quikr app to post an ad from the phone will be able to seamlessly demonstrate the quality of their phones to prospective buyers.

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