A Local Startup from Meghalaya Providing Handmade Recycled paper Bags


Introduction: Kyrshanlang Iwei Ia Iwei

Founding a business in a tough competitive market isn’t as royal as it seems. The very weighted word “entrepreneur” can give you Goosebumps but the people who are actually doing it; know how much blood and sweat it takes to establish a business. Coming up with a creative idea, draining all the savings or taking loans, founding the business, create regular innovative marketing ideas, and a lot more. Even after doing all these, the profit cut is uncertain.

Here we have a story of a local startup from the hills of Shillong, Meghalaya starting a movement to reduce the use of plastic and its effect on the environment.


About our startup

The name of our start-up is ‘Kyrshanlang Iwei Ia Iwei’ a.k.a ‘K11’, it has been derived from the khasi language which means ‘support one another’. It is an initiative started among friends with a motive to tackle the issues of plastic bags and unemployment. It was established on the 1st of July 2019. The team consist of 5 board members and we provide job opportunities on a commission base, at the moment we have been able to employ 12 individuals who are engaged with the paper bag making process. The team creates awareness on the harmful effects of plastic bags, we provide the users an eco friendly paper bag made up of recycled papers and decomposable handles such as. Jute rope, Different types of leaves, waste papers, clothes etc. When the consumers uses more of our paper bags then we will be able to minimize the harmful effects of ‘the plastic’ on our environment and also to provide more employment to the people of our state, that is how the support chain builds up each day. We are currently working to get in touch with various self help groups from different parts of the state in order to lay our support chains even to rural areas as well. At the Moment we have 2 active workshop cum Office located in Rynjah and Lapalang.

The founding team members

The team is led by 5 board members:

  • Aiboklang Marbaniang – President
  • Paul Young Lyngdoh Mawphlang – Secretary
  • Wankitbok Khyrriemujat – Treasurer
  • Donboklang Ryntong – Book Keeper
  • Lendy Lance Ryngnga – Member

The idea behind this venture

The main reason behind the start of this venture was because we were able to witness the effects of the ‘Plastic’ on our mother nature and also the Increasing rate of Unemployment in our State.

Specialty of our venture

What makes our venture special is that we provide the costumers customizable paper bags along with printing of the their logo, and it is handmade so it is strong and durable.

K11 Paper Bags is locally accessible in Meghalaya which means the Consumers can avail them in smaller quantities.

Biggest Achievement

It was on the day we received an email that we have been selected to be the Top 50 Entrepreneurs of the Meghalaya CM’s E-champ 2019, and the aftermath that we saw was even more mesmerizing is that we saw our sales growing after the recognition that we have been able to achieved from E-champ.

Conclusion: Message from the founder. 

It is Okay to be different and to think differently, Permanent Jobs can give you security but being your own boss can give you happiness along with securities.

During this pandemic there has been an increasing rate of Start-ups but most of them failed because they lack consistency and self esteem. Our Venture started from scratch, at the very beginning of the Idea Stage two of our member’s was only at the age of 19. At the time, we were all so young and living with our parents, we’ve got nothing to loose even if our business was at a lost we would still have food on the table. By God’s Grace we have been able to move forward and own 2 Workshops, employ people and most importantly we have been able to witness our products paving its way to the different parts of the cityand the State. Everyone has their own dreams and Imaginations but what matters is “The Individuals who make it Happen”.

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