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Indian-based startup sells premium job posting and resume features to employers and companies. Its website has established a footprint in 249 countries. Muhammed Haleel the company’s founder explains the business model, the dynamics that are shaping the online job markets and listings, and the future plans for the startup.

Tell us about your company is an Indian based employment-related search engine for job listings. Our firm was launched in September 2020. It is a subsidiary of Listoone Technologies. We have gone global and our website is currently available in over 249 countries. We generate revenue by selling premium job posting and resume features to employers and companies hiring and also from google AdSense.

Who are the founders and what are their professional backgrounds?

Muhammed Haleel founded the company targeting worldwide expatriates. He is an expatriate in Saudi Arabia. Before founding, he was working as an Accountant and a General System Analyst at a UAE Based Multi-National Company called Al Nuaimi Group LLC.

How is financed?
The company is currently financed from the founder’s salary.
What are – in your opinion – the dynamics of the industry you work in?

Over the past few years, an increase in the number of enterprises on the internet has generated a global marketplace for both job seekers as well as employers. Nowadays, the online job search is more preferable compared to traditional methods. Online job search engines create better matches between the employer’s intents and job seekers.

Why did you start What opportunities did you see?

I started this company for worldwide expatriates. The company saw an opportunity of generating revenue by selling premium job posting and resume features to employers or hiring companies. Apart from that, the company gets revenue from google Adsense.

What problem or problems does solve?

Being a renowned worldwide job search engine, the company helps people across the world find jobs in places other than their native countries.

What gives the competitive edge?

Expatriates functions as an employment website that serves job ads posted by employers to job-seeking employees. Besides, by aggregating listings for open positions, it connects employers with potential employees.

On our website, people can find thousands of job listings from the organizations and employers we work with around the world. Further, many of the opportunities are exclusive to Expatriates — so you will not find them on any other website.

Who are your customers?

Our target customers are aspiring expatriates from around the world. This international employment site serves a wide range of job-seeking individuals from across the world.

What does need in order to grow?

We are growing steadily and slowly with a solid customer base. Our foundation is solid. However, our company requires some extra funding for marketing as well as sales to help us grow faster.

What is your growth strategy?

As a reputed and trustworthy firm, we ensure that we deliver the best service and have the best customers. We aim at growing slowly with a solid and reoccurring customer base. Apart from that, our clients always come back to us to let us know that we are also a part of their business as well as their success.

In which markets are you looking to establish your presence?

Our goal is to expand our customer base and reach out to a wide range of clients across the world. We have a solid customer base in different parts of the world and will continue growing on that. Besides, we also aim at broadening our footprint worldwide.

What are your plans for the coming 12 months?

Our plans include building on our solid customer base. will be starting offices worldwide, to improvise our website to make it more user friendly, invite investors and we also intend to launch a worldwide recruitment company that headquarters in India.

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