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A Startup Driven by Passion: In Conversation with Happy Saddles From Meghalaya

A Startup Driven by Passion In Conversation with Happy Saddles From Meghalaya-d15a75fb

Turning your passion into profession is the dream for a lot of youths. It can be writing, gardening, baking, crafting and anything. Just like yours, Datylli Shylla from Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya has his passion on horse riding and wanted to make it available for everyone.

After his engineering degree, he moved ahead with his startup Happy saddles, a venture which offers horse riding experiences for everyone. Here we are talking with the founder of the startup as we hear their story.

  1. Please share about your business, what it does, when it started and some key highlights.

Happy Saddles is an adventure sport horse riding which is the first of its kind in Meghalaya that offers horse riding to the public at the mesmerizing evergreen Panther/valley of ialong village, Jowai. Happy saddles location lies in very close proximity to Ialong Park. The first ever Eco park of Jaintia Hills District.  Hence it is already self-promotional via word of mouth and a lot of old time friends and tourists are regular customers.

  1. Please introduce the founding team to our readers.

            Happy Saddles is a sole proprietorship company founded by Datylli Shylla. A Civil Engineer but has a lot of passion for horse riding. Supported and encouraged by my loving Family to go ahead with the idea. My father who is my wingman and my mentor help me execute on the idea.

       3 . What was the idea behind launching this venture?

Happy Saddles aim to bring joy, laughter and fun into people’s life. Horse riding gives people freedom in a gallop. I don’t remember a single tourist who has got on top of a horse and could hide their smiles. Launching this venture first-thing-first is out of passion for me.

  1. What is the specialty of venture?

Happy saddles is the first of its kind in Meghalaya.

It offers currently three types of rides,

  • Trekking on a Horse
  • Valley Tour
  • Short Entertaining rides for tourist to take photos or short videos on a horse.

The specialty of this venture is that people can avail horse riding now closer than they ever imagine. Many dream of horse riding but most times it only remained a dream. We make that dream come true. The joy of riding is a beauty in itself. You can just dangle your legs and eyes forward and hands on the reigns and let your mind be free.

  1. What do you wish people take away from their experience with your products/service?

             Happy Saddles wish for people to appreciate the beauty that is out there than to just be in our rooms and keep scrolling in our social media. We hope that this experience help them reconnect, introspect and rejuvenate. Horse riding is a therapy for the mind.  Horses being social animals teach us how to establish bonds, connect and rejoice.

  1. What’s your wow moment till date?

1) The sight of a horse nearby. Tall, Handsome with the shiny coat yet so gentle, kind and Majestic.

2) The first time a horse ran and I was riding it. I thought to myself that I was going to die. But it turns out to be the best part about horse riding is when the horse run.

  1. Message that you would like to share with our readers?

     Are you tired of sitting at home? Give your tired eyes something new to gaze upon. If you’re looking for something thrilling, fun and adventurous, then visit us at Ialong Park. Horse riding is the answer for your ailing. A Gallop will bring an adrenaline rush in your body down to every drop.

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