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Startup Story: Vernal Books & Mission ShaniGayak to support Nation.

VERNAL BOOKS & MISSION SHANIGAYAK. An initiative to support our Nation.
1. Vernal Books was founded in 2017 with a vision to provide cheapest books in India, so that every God’s Child (orphans/poor students) could have access to books. However, it had to stay locked in documents due to lack of funds, a problem that every second startup has to face.
2. Meanwhile, the founder became a volunteer with India’s leading NGO, Smile Foundation, that support education and healthcare of God’s children. Many thanks to Smile Foundation for giving him the opportunity to work as volunteer.
3. He tried to spread awareness among people using his songs to inspire them to donate for God’s children under various pseudonyms.
4. To attract more people to join the cause, he tried to learn classical music using various websites, considering Lord Shani as his guru and tried to create poems of Indian Poets in various Ragas with a vision to promote Hindi Poetry and to help students of Hindi poetry.
5. With a vision that every soldier should have a bulletproof jacket, he tried to spread awareness to donate at National Defence Fund.
6. After two years of struggle, he contacted Notion Press and this gave a new direction to Vernal Books and his will to help the Nation.
7. Now our Premium Series of books is available on Notion Press, Flipkart and Amazon. Many thanks to Notion Press.
8. With the new zeal, Vernal Books is proud to introduce its Economy Series, where prices of books are Extraordinary Low. This series is especially created for donational purpose so that every capable Indian can donate education to God’s children and thereby helping these books to reach them. Economy Series is available at Twitter @vernalbooks.
9. Moreover, Vernal Books is proud to launch #MissionShaniGayak, a nonprofit mission, with a vision to provide a free platform to all the patriots with good voices and thereby inspiring them to do multiple good causes at the same time.
10. We are grateful of Shri Ashwani Sujati, Smt. Meenakshi Khatri, Shri Shailendra Tiwari, and Shri Sameer Srivastava to support this good initiative and we congratulate them to become very first ShaniGayak, people with a heart of patriot and a throat of gold.
11. Moreover, Vernal Books is proud to announce that 50% of its yearly profit will go to support God’s Children and National Defence Funds.
Donate and inspire others to donate for Nation’s Cause.
Please donate to support education and healthcare of God’s children at
Please support our soldiers at

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