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Dry’t By Modern’s Journey Of Growth With TMU Digital Branding & Marketing

Modern Terry Towels (A Division Of Modern Insulators Ltd) is a Board managed company. Established in the year 1993.

Started off technical collaboration with “Ashton’s of England”. 

 – Owners of the Prestigious ‘Christy’ brand.

  • Mr.SachinRanka, the son of Mr.H.S.Ranka, a renowned professional Industrialist and the Founder Chairman of the Company, is the currentChairman & Managing Director of the Company who is a gold medalist Commerce Graduate from the University of Rajasthan and has done an MBA from Poddar Institute of Management, Jaipur.
  • The capacity of production is 9000 Metric tones–approximately 20 million pounds per annum.

One of the most important decisions one must make is deciding whether to advance the business into one that is conventional and offline or modern and online, or a combination of the two. 

In this rapidly growing world, where technology is ever-changing, e-commerce has created its space and has caused a major impact on the retail industry, across the globe.

Nevertheless, e-commerce has allowed retailers to recognize and acquire potential customers, boost interactions, monitor budgets, and develop their reputation more efficiently than ever before, it has also been successful in increasing the sales more cost-effectively.

The journey of Dry’t By Modern with TMU Digital Branding & Marketing 

Modern Terry Towels decided to take their business online. And here the journey of Modern Terry Towel with TMU Digital Branding and Marketing has been started. 

The journey of Modern Terry Towelswas set into motion with TMU Digital branding and marketing as they decided to make their presence, digital. 

First, we, as their marketing advisors proposed that they come up with a new name, and after a lot of thought, “Dry’t by Modern” was agreed-upon under the same brand name that is 30 years old. After website creation, we began brand awareness campaigns for them, to make their presence under a new name discerned. Going online also gives the customers a second option of being able to select and order towels of their choice from the comfort of their homes, at a cheaper cost, simply using e-commerce. Which has also led them to become globally recognized, increasing their outreach? 

They have now expanded their horizons and sell all across the globe. This has allowed its retailing industry’s ability to dramatically increase its sales and customer base. We have multiple activities that we engage in each day, to keep the customer’s attention and knowledge up to date. We engage in social media campaigns, on-page content creation, video and product shoot for their products, and many more. 

Modern Terry Towels is an entire vertically integrated CAD-CAM unit, with Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, and Cut-Sew-Pack operations all under one roof.

Our next target is to cap the growth of their market share so they eventually become the overall top manufacturer of beach and bath towels. 

In turn, we would love to expand our team to help us manage such a task!

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