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Dacby : The everything subscription
I was very excited when I came to know that you also have a portal of "Share your startup story ''. I would be grateful if my company DACBY is featured on your website. DACBY is an app based subscription company that started in the college canteen of IIT Jodhpur. It is now headquartered in Bangalore and expanded to 3 cities (Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad). DACBY sells subscriptions like fruit bowls, PS4 Games and many more. The above post is Dacby startup story. It's a very short story, please go through it and let me know what you think. Also check out our app you will love it,


Dacby is an app that aims at fulfilling all the needs of people through subscription-based plans. Book worms can subscribe to books and read as many books as they want, by paying a basic monthly fee. No need for them to keep a stack of books. For gamers, Dacby has PS4 games, video games consoles subscriptions. Meals and Snacks subscriptions for foodies. Fruits bowl subscription for health geeks. From video games to fruit bowls Dacby got all covered.



  • 2nd year CSE BTech student, IIT jodhpur
  • Handles tech and sales at Dacby

Chinmay Wahi

  • 2nd year Mech BTech student, IIT jodhpur
  • Handles tech and operations at Dacby

Ayush Chauhan

  • 2nd year CSE BTech student, IIT jodhpur
  • Handles product and management at Dacby


Our Main products are

PS4 Games Subscription

Generally, gamers spend a lot of money unnecessarily on PS4 games, or they wait a lot to find the best deal for games. After finishing the game, they search for a good deal to sell games. This long process wastes a lot of time

Here at Dacby, we sell PS4 subscriptions, no time limits, no renting

  • Gamers can choose any game among more than 100 games, book and play as much as they want.
  • When they have finally finished the game, they return it back and get 70% cashbacks OR they can exchange with another game
  • This way gamers can play as many games as you want, without spending too much

Fruit bowls

Whenever people need fruits, they had a buy a full Mango, full Banana, full papaya and then peel and cut them, lots of steps involved, but here at Dacby we provide fresh customized fruit bowls, containing a wide variety of fruits freshly cut and peeled delivered to customer’s home Further these fruit bowls are tailored to their needs like

  • Weight loss
  • Immunity booster
  • Diabetic friendly

Story of Dacby

How it started

We all are very close friends as well as students of the same college, IIT Jodhpur. One Day we all were sitting at the canteen of our college. In our college there was this general issue that the canteen took a lot of time to serve food and also there was no guarantee that you would get your favorite dish after you reached there. We were there for lunch and it took them more than 45 min to serve us. During this time one of us claimed there should be a system to resolve this issue and so did the work on Dacby start. 4 people started this, but due to some issues, our main programmer quit, so the rest of us had to learn app development from scratch. It took us almost one year develop a pre book and instant dining software for our college canteen

Unexpected Setback

Once the software was ready, we decided to launch it, but due to Covid institute got closed. This a very major setback because we were eagerly building the software and waiting for its launch, we waited for many months for the institute to open. But it did not happen and Covid wave – 1 was also gone, so, we decided to leave our home cities and come to Bangalore and give this system a try at restaurant

Coming to Bangalore

We all wanted to pursue only business, and we were not able to focus on business and college both at the same time, and it was becoming really difficult, so we finally left the college, leaving the IIT, had a major advantage, we had no back door, no pressure as well as nothing to lose. We had only to gain

First try & major failure

All restaurant were badly hit by Covid, after contacting nearly 30 restaurants, we got our 1st restaurant onboarded, then gradually in the course of 3 months we got nearly 50 restaurants providing zero wait dining, but then 2nd wave of Covid came, competitive market and cut throat competition all led to our failure. We failed in our first business attempt and we also lost all our invested money, but we had already left our college and there was no going back. We all were convinced that dining does not excite us. And we should do only what we truly love.

Starting Again

We analyzed all the mistakes we made and started again with the vision of making Dacby a subscription platform. We were better than before, equipped with confidence and valuable experience and there was no back door for us. We started with meals subscription (since we had knowledge of the food industry), then snacks subscription, PS4 games subscription and it slowly took on well. It took time but results started coming. Within a month we had more than 500 customers and revenue of more than 1 lakhs.

Finally, patience paid off

Now Dacby has more than 1500 customers in just 2 months and is also expanding at a very good rate, we started getting demands of PS4 subscriptions from other cities also, so now we are operating in 3 cities Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad. We are averaging revenue of 2.5 lakhs monthly and are growing at a very good rate

Future Plans

We aim to operate in all major cities (Bombay, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad) by the end of this year as well as start PAN India delivery for PS4 subscriptions, apart from that in a few months we are also starting book subscriptions.

Our chief target is to gain 5L subscribers by the end of this year.

Our Major Leanings

Biggest success factor

We learned that Persistence and patience are the biggest success factor for anything. Many people quit because they lack persistence. We firmly believe that if you don’t quit, magic will happen

Main Challenge

The main challenge is that the market doesn’t behave as we expect, many times we heavily invest on an idea that generally doesn’t work so testing ideas has been really challenging. Understanding and satisfying the needs of our customers is very challenging and has been our top priority throughout the course of the company.

The team is the most important thing

We believe that Team is where the power of any company resides. New Markets, ideas, products can be made only if a group of people believe in the same cause and that is the reason, we believe that team is the most important part of the startup story.

For anyone starting their journey, we only want to convey 1 message, “If you don’t give up, success is guaranteed”

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