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Top Startups In Guwahati

Guwahati is known for many things. It is one of the fastest growing city and also a renowned port city and besides being known for its great tea collection, it is finally also being recognized as a hub for startups.
There are a couple of startups like Rhino One and Alchemy media lab that are making the headlines today.

Rhino One  is an affordable platform that allows people in Guwahati, Assam to get easy cab rides at reasonable rates at the same time offering hassle free and eco-friendly means of transport.
All you need to do is place a call or go to their site and book yourself a cab. The services are available 24×7 ensuring a safe and pleasant ride.
For more information, you can drop them a mail on or give them a call on 91 361-715-1515

Alchemy Medialab is another startup that is making Guwahati proud. This company offers digital solutions like strategic marketing, branding and creative content to its clients. The brand was formed in 2015 and it offers great value and resources when it comes to enhancing online presence and brand value.

To get in touch with them you can visit their site or shoot them a mail on
Startup Assam is an association that creates a channel for venture Capitalists, Angel funders and industry experts to connect with startups to make it easier for them to access resources, grow and evolve in the market.

They offer workshops and programs that inform, educate and give startups the opportunity to succeed while at the same time creating connections or networks with capitalists. Their purpose is to help create as much development as possible.
Their website link is You can also give them a call on 0361 – 241 01 02 or mail them on

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