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So, the college has ended and the time has come when a graduate has to make the toughest call of his life. Well, apparently, the toughest call being talked about is not whether to join private sector, public sector, set up your own business or go for post graduation. The toughest call being talked about is the most monotonous one in the world of multinationals. It is ‘how to get into an MNC or which company to choose?’

Since when did the graduates got confined to a ten hour (or more) shift in an MNC? Fortunately, times are gradually changing now, quite slowly but they surely are. ‘START UP’s are coming’ is as popular as ‘Winter is coming’. The graduates have realized the importance and have begun to incline towards the thought of their own start up.

Well, for those who don’t, we are here with 10 solid reasons for you to start your own start up:

1. Boss your own self:
We all can imagine someone ruling us. Quite maddening, right? When asked to some, they might even state that ‘someone bossing you’ is the worst thing that can happen to someone. How about bossing you own self. Yes, absolute heaven it can be. Work whenever you want to, but of course keeping the profit in the back of your brain.

2. Your own story of success:
A successful start up can help you writing your own story of success. Working in an MNC under some nagging bunch of bosses will do no good except bring in a particular amount of money regularly in your account. But is it everything you want? Was being nagged by someone for a small amount of bucks was you aim? Hence, create your own story and live a life.

3. LIVE:
You don’t get it, right? Well, a job should not be defined the other way round. It should now be defined as ‘an eight hour involvement in a cubicle which prevents a human from living his life’. On the other hand, you literally get to live life your way when you begin with a start up.

4. Put your idea into existence:
A human’s mind is usually quite a creative one, since the childhood. As we grow up, the questions we used to ask now become the idea we want to implement. There is a good chance that your idea might be a need for many. So, bringing you idea into action can help you getting money, serve the society and the consumers get the service you offer. Best of both worlds.

5. Fame:
Who doesn’t want to get popular? Who doesn’t want fame? Until school and college, most of us have tried enough to become popular. Most of us couldn’t succeed. To those most of us, how about getting fame 100 times you expected? A successful start up is at the top in the media. Once you do it, you’ll have infinite phone calls, media outside your house and office, just to have one single interview. Way too fascinating, right?

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