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10 motivational people to follow

1. Jack Canfield is a famous self-help author who holds a record for having 7 best sellers at the same time. His books are the most bought and most lend books by teenagers and young adults. If you’ve read Chicken Soup and its series then you’ll know why he’s a bestselling author. His books include poems, inspirational stories, quotes and examples that help you deal with depression, sad phases of your life and he inspires you with words to snap out of certain zones.
2. Dr. Wayne Dyer, the father of motivation, is also a self-help author who gives lots of motivational speeches at conferences and seminars. He writes about his success stories and gives hope to those who believe rags can never turn to riches. You should give his book “The Erroneous Zone” a read.


3. Spencer Johnson, writer of Who moved my cheese is also a great motivational person who triggers change in his readers. Using non-fictional examples, he manages to persuade readers with words to do things differently in life and see the bigger picture instead of sobbing about things that can’t be undone.


4. Stephen Covey is a life expert. You ought to follow him if you’re confused and baffled about life and your choices. He basically helps people map put a plan and convinces you to acquire them to lead the life you’ve always wanted.


5. Anthony Robbin is a hot-shot on social media with a great fan following. He’s the mind behind the book awakening the giant within. What he does it train your body, mind and soul in such a way that you start to notice a change. Everything you do will be done with great poise, attitude and perseverance here after.


6. Jia Jang, though not as famous as all other motivational authors, is a great person to follow as he tells you how to deal with rejection, fear and he teaches you how to encourage courage within you. He’s a great and inspirational man to follow. If you’ve read his book “Rejection Proof” you’ll know what I’m talking about.


7. You’ll love Bernard Roth if you believe in not wasting time on wishing for things to happen. He motivates his readers and students to do something if they want to make a change instead of wishing for things to change.


8. Tim Leberecht is a business motivator who helps you lose control of your brand but in a good way. He gives you tips and insight into running a business and making smart decisions that will benefit you in the long run. He’s definitely worth a follow if you’re business oriented and need help.


9. Elizabeth Gilbert is an American author who apart from writing short stories, essays , also writes motivational books. Her book “Big Magic” revolves around diminishing and fighting fear and turning things around from your end.


10. Jackie Woodside is another American author who loves playing with motivation in a good way. She revolves her books around real life situations like chaos and anger, frustration, love, happiness and other elements every person experiences on a daily basis. You get to learn to manage time, stress and other emotions in a way that deems fruitful for you.

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