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This 11 Year Old Steve Jobs speech is motivating

Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford 2005

One of the Most Inspiring Speech for a business founder.

This Steve Jobs speech in Stanford has given goosebumps to millions of business founders in particular and people in general. The speech is about his life in 3 phases. 

Phase one or story one is about “connecting the dots” where he tells how things which may seem irrelevant now may be very important in future. 

Story two is about “Love”. Here, he talks about his personal and professional love and how “love” added value to his life.

Third story is about death. Apple co-founder tells how death is the single most fear and how overcoming it can change your life.

Although they are called stories, these can be considered real life bio of one of the greatest businessmen of our times. This video talks about how he overcame the toughest times of his life and how he was good to take decisions when he found things not worthy enough.


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