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ITER–International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor which is entirely based on PLASMA PHYSICS, is one of the most burning projects being talked about in the most positive manner. ITER, worth billions of euros project is the world’s largest experimental nuclear fusion reactor in south of France (under construction). ITER is supposed to be twice the scale of Tokamak Fusion experiment known as JET set up in U.K.


The aim with which ITER has been proposed is to proffer UNLIMITED ENERGY. The main goal is to provide energy to this world by the means of ‘FUSION’ on both household and commercial scale. The doubt that needs to be cleared is that ITER won’t simply produce electricity but will take the technology of fusion many steps ahead, overcome the various technical issues and formulate industrial applications out of it. Technically, a gain factor of 10 is to be achieved; hence, it is going to produce 500MW of power from 50MW input.


The billion euros ITER project has successfully brought in seven substantial countries together –India, Japan, Korea, China, the European Union, Russia and the United States to confer backup to the project. The reason for such massive collaboration is both the capital as well as resources in order to create history. Another vital reason for this collaboration is the individual cooperation by each country, contributing own scientists, physicist, researches and infrastructure. In this manner, each member (country) will be equally benefited by the project and not a single one.


The project has already begun serving the people by offering end number of jobs. 1200 people had and are continuing to work on ITER site, 2500 in the ITER construction and 1400 for the ITER organization, this number has been on the record before the working on the project actually started. It is estimated that additional 4000-5000 workers will be provided with jobs during the project execution.

Success Probability?

Whether the extortionate project will be a hit or a miss, is a very difficult question to answer. Until today, it seems very unambiguous and remains doubtful whether ITER will create history or not. The fact that shivers the spine is that scientists have been working on the fusion technology and on plasma physics ever since 60 years, but the positive results remain zero.

What if history is changed and created?

But, if the ITER Project proves to be successful, it’ll turn the world upside down especially, the world of the big power companies. The success rate of ITER Project is directly proportional to the shut downs of the old and big power companies which maintained their kingdom and empire since a very long time. This can be termed as one of the biggest start up’s of this world, big and strong enough to kick the companies out of the money making business.

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