An Emerging Platform That Provides Technology-Driven Legal, Finance & Taxation Services

LetsComply: An Emerging Platform That Provides Technology-Driven Legal, Finance & Taxation Services In India

How It All Started

LetsComply is a brainchild of its Founder-Director Mr. Rajesh Sharma, who in the past have served various industry to the best of his ability in varied capacities such as CFO, Barista Coffee Company Limited (a Lavazza Company), Group CFO, Carnation Auto Pvt. Ltd. (a Jagdish Khattar Initiative), Partner, Rajani, Singhania & Partners (an International Law Firm) and so on. In addition, he also Co-Founded Juris NextGen LLP, a full-service law firm and Affari Consulting, Inc., an advisory firm providing vCFO services & management consultancy.

In pursuance of his humble “resolve to serve”, he has always been looked for the ways and means to make it easier for the entrepreneurs and corporate establishments to function better, wherein he realized that since the world is progressing and expanding with the advancement in technology, it would  bring in reform if Legal, Financial & Taxation services be also provided by a technology-driven platform in a structured fashion with the assistance of a team of experts without making it too expensive or inconvenient.

That’s how the idea of LetsComply germinated. Within a short span of time, LetsComply established itself as a pioneering initiative in the field of legal, finance and tax, and thereby making a mark as the best service provider, especially for startups.

What LetsComply is all about?

Being one of the leading technology-driven platforms in India, LetsComply provides Legal, Finance, and Taxation services under the guidance of a team of CFOs, Corporate Lawyers, Management Experts, IP Attorneys, Tax Experts and Tech savvies whose unimpeachable expertise is backed by their proven credentials. The professionals at LetsComply are known by their wide range of knowledge, experience and expertise in the realm & profession of law, finance, and tax.

LetsComply is committed to assisting entrepreneurs, businessmen in getting started with their startups and help them grow their businesses by handling their legal, financial and taxation worries and burden. LetsComply has a ground-breaking record in helping startups reaching the pinnacle of their business. LetsComply has not only provided them legally, finance and taxation services but also paved the way for the expansion of their business, by providing market research, funding from investors, product/service marketing strategies, etc.  LetsComply aims at becoming a long-term partner in their business cycle and assisting them throughout all the stages of entrepreneurship – Startup, Growth, Acceleration & Progression. We ensure that the business fully complies with the rules & regulations and guidelines, and thereby adding value to the growth of your business.

Why Virtual Intelligence services of LetsComply are known for cost-effectiveness among many startups?

The ubiquitous need for managing finance, compliance and account in-house team for Startups and SMEs, is associated with lots of expense, complications and time-consuming activities. This not only affects overall growth of the business but also leads to mismanagement within the company. With the help of vCFO services, LetsComply ensures compliance is smooth and non-expansive. Virtual CFO or vCFO stands for Virtual Chief Financial Officer. These are outsourced services offering high-quality assistance, infused with technology, in supervising and advising on financial requirements of organizations. It goes beyond accounts to build a sustainable business model, introduce robust financial controls structure and ensures transparent corporate governance, risk management, cost optimization and regulatory compliance. vCFO fulfills strategic requirements and raises resources of the company.

Along with vCFO, Virtual Intelligence Service offered by LetsComply also includes Virtual General Counsel (VGC). This aims at addressing one of the major challenges faced by startups i.e. of handling legal complexities including legal structuring and day-to-day business contractual dealings. To overcome these hurdles, startups hire corporate lawyers or set-up a legal team in their organizations. Hiring a lawyer/team of lawyer would lead to more cash outflow which of course is not logical and prudent for any startup. This is why the need of Virtual General Counsels (vGCs) has become crucial for startups and SMEs if they aspire to grow fast. A vGC handles overall legal complexities associated with startup, and thereby contributing business value, strategic insight and advanced legal services truly customized to every business. The services of vGC are technology-driven, provided to companies at an affordable cost within a stipulated time-frame.


Therefore, in a nutshell, Virtual Intelligence services offered by LetsComply offer the following benefits:-

  • Ease in regulatory compliance burden on entrepreneurs
  • Cost-effective tool for companies, especially start-ups, and SMEs
  • Serves as a bridge between technology and legal, finance & tax services
  • Fast delivery of services as compared to traditional assistance services
  • Mentoring services via new generation’s computer and mobile applications
  • 24×7 availability


Mentorship Assistance by LetsComply


As rightly said by Founder and Director, LetsComply, MR. Rajesh Sharma, “Planning is Easy, Implementation is Hard, and  Execution of both leads to success.

Taking this idea forward, LetsComply has succeeded in mentoring various individuals and institutions throughout the planning, implementation and execution process.  Some of these were in various sessions such as Amity Innovation Incubator, BW Accelerate, and LetsCast. Here, Mr. Rajesh Sharma has addressed issues that are essential to be acknowledged in Businesses today, some of them being on ESOP’S, Financial Aspects critical for Business and Outsourcing of Legal and Financial Services.

Easing Compliance Intricacies among Startups

LetsComply believes that today, when the world is moving towards an advanced technological and economic order, allowing one to be bogged down by various mandatory compliances is a waste of precious time and energy. It cannot be ignored that the statutory compliances have a very significant role to play in sustaining the business environment conducive to fair competition and commercial growth. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious about the compliance of various statutes at the initial stage itself to not only avoid later complications and harassment but also to contribute to the sustenance of a healthy business ecosystem. And to keep you comfortable with all the compliances, the professionals at are always ready to extend any and every assistance that one might require in this regard.

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