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Are You an Innovation Evangelist? We are…

I think the word “innovation” is grossly overused these days. I know people who are enthusiastic, committed and passionate but that doesn’t necessarily = innovative.

Disclaimer: This is my personal view and please don’t correlate it with your any other read article

Unfortunately, most IT departments don’t innovate. They adopt or lag due to cost and risk aversion. It is unfortunate because often taking a technology risk can allow you to leapfrog your competition rather than baby step to mediocrity.

Most technology people are adopters, not innovators. Are you an innovation evangelist or an adopter?

I am Sanjay Jangid, I and my team picked up this problem and bring a solution.

That’s where we have come up with the idea of OPEN INNOVATIONS LAB.

By doing it. To be credible you need to have spent lots of time with people wrestling with corporate challenges. Whatever work you are doing today, use it as an excuse and opportunity to work with people trying to innovate in their industries.

Of course, I’m biased, but I believe technology evangelism is an increasingly important force in the world, and a very rewarding career for anybody who is self-driven, thrives on change and wants to change the world.

My point itself prove an organization, including fortune 500 companies have become more collaborative to accelerate innovation in their internal and external channels.PWC, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Microsoft, Infosys, American Airlines and many more are on board, why?

Because there’s so much we can draw out from collective wisdom. (They have a million ways to help you nail down what you want to achieve) and innovative student community could be the best way to get a fresh perspective for a solution.

Our intention is very clear to get impactful solution idea rather than building a product out of it, thus student’s innovators are best for it.

Good luck!

P.S. I bet you thought this post was going to be about our startup OILab, if you are innovation evangelist connect with our cause bring India ahead in global innovation index.

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