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IJLSSR journal helps you publish life science & medical articles globally

  1. What is STARTUP all about?

Ans- IJLSSR journal is an open access, peer-reviewed, International journal to publish Life Sciences and Medical Sciences subjects articles under the Publisher of “Society for Scientific Research” from Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.

  1. How did the idea come into the picture?

Ans-In India, research level is not too good and publication is so complicated in any well indexed journal. Reputed journal’s number is very less in India. If any author wants to publish research in the International reputed journal, then they have to pay lots of processing fee for a single manuscript publication and it’s very tough to accept in that journal. After facing many times rejection in own or friends publication, I decided to start own journal to solve the Indian researcher problem and also want to encouraged India education level via publishing valuable research work at International platform.

  1. Tell us something about the team and working at STARTUP.

Ans- IJLSSR staffs are doing work hard with responsibility and dedication to improve the journal quality and standard. All Editorial board members are giving suggestions time to time to increase the journal quality.


  1. What makes STARTUP different from others?

Ans- Because “IJLSSR journal (” is well established and indexed with 18 reputed National and International organizations whereas, IJLSSR staffs are doing work hard with honesty and dedication.

The journal helps in improving the quality of the submitted manuscript by the reviewing the manuscript by the expert reviewer in that particular fields and guide, how to write any quality paper as well as our company service is very fast and give a response on any query.

  1. Throw some light on the Funding and Investors at STARTUP?

Ans- We didn’t get any fund right now but we need money to grow our company fast so I am trying to get fund from any government/private organization.

  1. There are a lot of concerns in the minds of people who would buy THIS PRODUCT/SERVICE online. How do you tackle this?

Ans- We are not selling any product in our company. It’s a publishing house.

  1. How do you see the future of STARTUP? Your plans, expectations, growth.

Ans- “Nature publisher” is the biggest competitor because this publisher journal is listed in top one, doing publication last 150 yrs. While IJLSSR journal started in September 2015. We know, in coming years will stand with Nature publisher. In this field, the competitor list is not so more because journal stabilization is too much tough and risky.


We had applied for good indexing (like- Scopus, Thomson, and Pubmed etc) so now waiting for the inclusion of our journal in these international agencies. Journal work is so prestigious that will play a very important rule in the development of any journal so we will get soon funds from anywhere.


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