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Meet Binge the first Food Discovery and Pre-Ordering Platform

Othniels Digital India Private Limited is launching Binge, a new product targeting the growing demand for visual menus and faster food service at tables from the Restaurant and bars.
About Binge
The Binge helps customers decide what new to eat and allows them to eat it as soon as you reach the restaurant without having to wait for 30 minutes to get their food. The new product will capture your past trends and flavor palate and recommend based on your history and tastes.

Currently active in Delhi/NCR, India, Binge is a Food Discovery and a Pre-ordering platform, helping the Restaurant and bars market, including Ek Bar, Cafe Delhi Heights, Ministry of Beer, to help understand fancy and complex menus at the restaurants in the form of short 15 second videos. We also allow real-time preordering before reaching the restaurant which enables them to enjoy their first course
of the meal as and when they reach the restaurant.

Naman Jain, CEO of Binge says: “We provide a safety net when it comes to ordering food and help save time”.
In only six months of time, they are generating revenues in six-digit figures and plan to scale operations.
Start-up: – Binge
Founder: – Naman Jain and Prakhar Agarwal
Year it was founded: – 2017
Sector: – FoodTech, Consumer Internet
Funding Raised: – Incubation from Huddle
Based: – New Delhi

Future Scope of Binge
Binge was launched in response to demand for customers wanting to see what they ordering and eat as they reach the restaurant and plans to cover almost 400 restaurants across Delhi and move to 8 cities across India over the next 12 months. Binge Digital is the first to market food discovery platform that enables you to watch what you are requesting and eat when you reach the restaurant.

The value of the booming target market for the new product or service is estimated to be over 1.1 Billion Dollars. Naman Jain, CEO of Binge says: “we provide a safety net when it comes to deciding what to order at a restaurant and help save time”.

The company plans to build food communities and is working on a lot of experiential marketing techniques to build the brand image.
Team – Binge
Naman Jain, Founder:
Naman comes from an engineering background. His strengths are a sense of effective
design, thirst for knowledge, effectual communication. Is very passionate about food
and the restaurant industry. He has helped establish and set up a couple of restaurants as a freelance consultant in Pune. Naman drives the Business and marketing at the company. He has been focused on every detail of the Binge brand. He led the effort to name the company and has dedicated much of his time to growing the community and Business. He has also created many unique experiential marketing programs to bring the brand to life.

Prakhar Agarwal, Co-founder, CTO: Prakhar comes from an engineering background. Having worked with biggies like MagicBrick and Healthkart he has a strong technical background. Prakhar is responsible for the product and technology end of the company.

Saloni Nangia, Mentor (CEO, Technopak)

For more information contact:

Naman Jain 9999447371


Website :


Facebook: App



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