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This startup is transforming the dining experience and here’s how

Do you remember last time you went to a restaurant and came out cribbing about the service or the time you waited 20 minutes for your bill to arrive? Waiting is an eternal battle that we’ve been fighting all our lives. From high end restaurants to a local cafe, the story somewhat remains the same.

It often happens that you have to wait for the restaurant menu or for someone to explain to the portion size of a particular dish or what exactly goes into the dish. The problem doesn’t end here and since misinformed staff members add to the discomfort. The helpless waiters aren’t able to explain the dish that they are serving. Ordering food becomes a task in itself and the fine dine evening you planned to unwind yourself from a busy day, ends up grinding your gears.

Introducing the concept

This is what pushed Smit Nebhwani (CEO, Voolsy) and Amrish Patel (President, Voolsy) to develop an app that ends your wait, answers your queries and enhance the dining experience. They created Voolsy to enable both restaurants and diners get a taste and redefine fine dining in India. Voolsy was created with a clear vision of reform the way things worked in a restaurant and making the overall dine out experience better than ever.

According to Smit Nebhwani, “Voolsy is an app that leverages technology to deliver a seamless dining experiences while keeping things simple for both the users and the restaurants. The application removes all the variables from the equation, transforming your phone into your experience partner.”

The app enables you to browse the restaurant menu, customize and place an order and even pay for the order without having to wait for a waiter to attend to you. Voolsy enabled restaurants are more organized since delays are removed from the process and order tracking and payments are more intuitive than ever making the overall dine out experience an enhanced one.

The Driving Technology

Voolsy taps into the potential of iBeacon technology and adds a new dimension to the overall dining experience. While iBeacons have been around for a while, this is the first time that they have been integrated with the restaurant sector. iBeacons are one of most advanced technologies introduced by Apple which transforms a regular restaurant to an iBeacon restaurant. It enables efficient order tracking and virtual interaction with customers in real time.

The Solution

The digital menus with Voolsy are like a walk in the park. All available customizations are displayed alongside the description of the dish and a beautiful image that shows the actual dish.

This simplifies the process for both the user and the restaurant while keeping users engaged at all times. No more delays in placing orders or waiting in long queues for your table to be ready. Voolsy also allows you to pay via the app and remembers your order. A true companion for the foodie in you, this app allows you track the last time you were at a restaurant and helps you remember the dishes you loved, leaving room for you to try anything that you find interesting. Moreover you can rate the dish you had at the restaurant via the app helping restaurant owners and this helps in understanding diners better and appreciating their efforts.

Current Status & Future Plans

Currently Voolsy operates in three cities – Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad and has enabled over 700+ establishments to deliver a relaxed & waitless dining experience to their diners. Voolsy plans to launch itself in Gurgaon, Pune and Delhi shortly.

True to their claim of providing a seamless and trouble-free to their customers. Voolsy has managed to generate a whopping 3 crore. They have provided restaurants with new dimensions to enhance the way they deliver experiences to the customers by giving them seamless dining experiences.

Voolsy is a remarkable way of looking at everyday problems that diners face and their problem-solving approach will work wonders in the future for the restaurant industry and the experiences they deliver.

This particular iBeacon app is one of its kind in India and one of the first to leverage iBeacons in India to enhance experiences delivered at cafes and restaurants.

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