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The fast going World rather the pace of everyone’s lifestyle came to a standstill all of a sudden due to this Corona virus pandemic being in air globally resulting in complete lock downs and downfall of activities. Amidst these grave situations, India decided to impose self quarantine and social distancing which the citizens did observe and due to this imposition, the number of Covid Patients is far less compared to that on  Global front.This way India is leading against the fight of this pandemic teaching many things to its Citizens. 

India is an Agrarian Country. The worst affected due to this scenario are the farmers. They have ample produce available but no one to take it to the end consumers. This gap has created in wastage of fruits and vegetables and an urgence of the need (Demand) amongst Citizens.

Inorder to overcome this gap,  Pune’s leading online store for fruits, smoothies, fruit drinks and healthy snacks came up with an easy yet an impactful/ fruitful undertaking for its Customers. To buy fresh fruits from the farmers directly and Do Home Delivery of the requested items to the Customers eliminating the risk of the customer personally going to market place and moreover due to  the existing stock or surplus with farmers which was being unutilized,  won’t get wasted further and could finally reach the customers. 

Earlier Fruitizm (Pisum Food Services private Limited Venture) only used to deal in online fruits and fruit drinks but due to COVID 19 constraints of social distancing, Started Delivering Vegetables and Groceries as well to its Customers.   Due to this we are able to provide and sell at competitive and affordable rates meeting the demands of Customers. Since Fruitizm was already rooted in this sector, hygiene, packaging and disinfectant processes are all set and followed without any constraints and keeping the safety on top priority.

The Company Director Mr Deep Bhong has already informed all Farmers & Mahila Gruh Udyok run by Women about this initiative and have informed them they can get their Association/Industry Registered with us by calling on 7219115858. This will help boost sales of the product all over the country and encourage Locally produced goods/items in such crises.Frutizm has already established its base in the city and country with its focus now on making it more Global. To grow together and Work  as a Team has always been the principle of running this Company, said the Director Mr Deep Bhong.

In order to further expand the markets, The Company has already became Registered with APEDA for smooth Exports of Agro Products.

To set up Franchisee stores in Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur along with new stores in  Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad is already in pipeline to get started off and meet the demands 

With such a Noble initiative which will not just rely on profitability but will give an helping Hand to the Farmers of our country, to the many small scale Industry and Association owners will also act as an Aide to the Economy of our country which has been planned by this Organization and which for sure will gain lot of Success in the coming pandemic as this is the way to COME TOGETHER AND HELP OUR COUNTRY as directed by Fruitizm for which all of your cooperation and support is appreciated

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