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Jewelry and Women are soul mates, says Mrs. Anshu Chitkara, a 25-year-old gorgeous lady founder of FemNmas.

Mrs Anshu Chitkara is happily married and this is why she can relate to the importance of Jewelry in the life of an Indian woman. She holds a diploma in French, which truly inspires her to bring the latest in Fashion and stay tuned with the culture of India at the same time. The name FemNmas speaks about her passion towards the expectations of women in Jewelry. In French, Fem means a girl and Mas means a Boy.

According to Mrs. Anshu Chitkara, “the expectations in the designs of jewelry are similar to the expectations of a soul mate to a woman.” In simple words, ‘she expects to feel the best when she is wrapped in jewelry, just the way she would feel in the arms of her soul mate.’


The history of Indian jewelry is as antique and beautiful as the history of the country itself. Irrespective of the culture and tradition, the women of India love to pamper themselves by flaunting their beauty with jewelry on their body. With a view to paying heritage to our culture and get adapted to the changing lifestyle, the company began its jewelry manufacturing business in 1990, which ran successfully for almost 2 decades. There was a complete traditional touch by the first owners of the company.

FemNmas started its online jewelry business in August 2014, to cater to the needs of young and busy women. Mrs. Anshu Chitkara takes the complete lead in the E-Commerce business.


The objective of the business is to provide the comfort of online shopping and provide you a maximum variety of amazing trendy jewelry designs that adds to the beauty of women. The competitive rates and latest designs in jewelry made the company cross more than 50,000 orders in less than a year.


The company is floating in success with a perfect combination of experience of the elders and efficient thought process of the youngsters in the family. To include you in the success story, FemNmas delivered 10000 orders within the first three months of business startup.


FemNmas is already selling through a number of online portals and the mission is to achieve more number of products and cover more areas to reach young students, teenagers and women who cannot afford to travel personally to the shops.

Within one year of startup, the company has successfully launched more products apart from traditional and fashionable Jewelry such as; Sunglasses and Leather Bags.

We invite you to take a look at the world of finest designs in jewelry and much more…

A few words by the owner: “Make us reach you and we will teach you to live life to the fullest in the most beautiful manner. We make sure that you look pretty on any occasion, irrespective of whether it is formal or casual, personal or public. Help us to bring out the inner beauty of your soul to your personality, help us to beautify YOU.”

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