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Aretha Jewels’ Online Venture: Quality Jewelry StartUp from India

Jewellery completes a woman’s look. It goes as natural with her appearance as butterflies with flowers and clouds with the sky.

No woman can resist the urge to wear and boast glimmering precious jewelry among her friends and feel like a queen while she can. Jewellery is forever. As soon as it finds it way to a woman’s treasure chest, an impalpable bond develops that just get stronger and stronger with time.

Jewelry in India:

A Refined Legacy When an elderly woman passes her jewelry down the generation, she gives away a part of her emotions, a piece of the family’s legacy, and an inseparable adornment.

Aretha Jewels, an esteemed jewelry house in India’s jewelry capital, Pink City, Jaipur perceived the fact how people have started to incline towards the internet to give their business a boost. Moreover, the owners noticed how people are exploiting the e-commerce to mug innocent customers off hard-earned money.

An Honest Perception

The owners of Aretha Jewels came to a commendable decision after contemplating for days: to open their own online store where people could be able to pay for just what they have purchased, not a single dime more.

Finally, the idea of setting up an online store that sells precious (gold, silver, & platinum) Jewellery & strictly complies all the quality standards, was laid down.


The Precipitated Kick Off

In no time, the online store found its feet among some of the alike business magnates and became the forefront choice for people to buy affordable jewelry ranging from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and much more at one place.

The jewelry house made it a point to keep on adding more radiance to its new venture by adding a variety of traditional and modern pieces to its collection. The passionate response from delighted customers drove the Aretha Jewels to disperse its offline reach by opening up several stores around the city.

“People’s choices for jewelry change with time, and we are all buckled up to change our designs to match their needs too”- said the owners showing deep apprehension of trends and conformity to shift with them. Our website:-


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