Kaeres – handcrafted leather goods

Super Women
A Leather Goods brand, empowering the Specially Abled Women

With a background in the TATA group, and working alongside some major global leather footwear brands, Kaeres is an endeavor to bring exceptional handcrafted leather goods at prices that don’t hurt.

All our products have hand-cut leathers and in some cases, even hand-punched and hand-stitched, the process of which is not production friendly; due to which crafts like these are not available at premium stores near us.

The luxury labels, while paying attention to craftsmanship, cost a fortune for the same.

This very gap in the market brought forth what Kaeres is today.

The beauty lies in the fact, that the hand-created range from our house, is hand-stitched by Specially Abled Women. These stitches, known as Saddle Stitches take ten times more duration than a machine does, requiring both time and patience. But then the beauty that comes out is something to be admired.

These pretty ladies, whom we call Super Women, from the village of Manivakkam, 40 km from the heart of Chennai, don’t just like sitting down, even though the gods have given them limited mobility.

They strive, they compete, and they challenge their disability head-on. And come up with exceptional pieces of art.

Kaeres is our way of empowering them, and celebrities are coming forth in support of the same by giving us word-of-mouth.

You can too be a part of our family and contribute to their upliftment, as TOGETHER IS WHAT WE STAND FOR.

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