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AHVAN offer Indian Handicraft Products

AHVAN offer Indian Handicraft Products
AHVAN sale handmade crafts like an Ajrakh, Bandhani, Bandhej, Batik, Khadi, Saree, Dupatta, Dress, Salwar, Lungi, Nighty, More

About AHVAN :

AHVAN offer Indian Handicraft Products

Who we are ?

We are Etsy of Handicraft products but here we are the only seller.

We are providing indigenous handcrafted products which are produced by very skilled traditional craftspeople from Kutch, Gujarat – India.

What do we do ?

Currently we have our $3000 and partner’s $20000 worth inventories.

We are currently selling 118+ products on our e-commerce website.

What problems are we solving ?

Until now Indian craftspeople have no platform to support them and they are not educated to use the current system. 

For that, we do the simple thing, go to them, pay them and sell it in the market.

This method is best for them because now they can focus on creating the crafts rather than marketing.

What is our growth ?

We have sold more than 3000 units so far.

Currently AHVAN ecommerce site has top ranking in google for major products.

We are getting 2000+ monthly user and 3000+ user sessions.

What is our target ?

Our target audience is India’s rural untouched population, who are still using just smartphones and speaking only native language.

So, we speak with them in their local languages and sell traditional rural goods to them.

Yes, we have urban customers too, who love our unique handcrafted goods.

We had created content in Hindi and English, Hindi for 800 millions rural peoples and english for educated 200 million peoples.

What is our vision ?

Our goal is to become India’s top Handicraft e-commerce company and empower Indian Craftspeople.

What technologies do we use ?

We have created a very smartphone friendly Ecommerce site and currently running on an advanced cloud server. All of our contents are created in dual English and Hindi languages.

Our Company details ?

Website :

Email :


OFFICE : 80/A, GFLR, P.No.24/26, Keshavji Jadhavji Building, Khadak ST, Israil Mohalla, Chinch Bunder, Mumbai, 400009, Maharashtra, India

Our Founder details !

 Nishant Patar

In 2017, Nishant Patar capitalized on his 8 years of Corporate Marketing expertise by launching AHVAN, turning it into an online business of excellence for making and selling high quality Indian crafts.

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