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With the world’s 1st AI and ML-powered Annual recurring subscription model, FRINZA is all set to disrupt the online gifting space


Have you ever wondered what it feels to have an ‘Aladdin ka Chirag (magic lamp) from which a Genie would appear and fulfill even the unknown wishes of his master’s beloved Jasmine?’ Well, that appears to be a fictional hyperbole. But with its latest offering, this new age startup, FRINZA, is promising somewhat on similar lines.

With its patented technology of AI and ML-powered Annual recurring subscription model, it promises to deliver the most appropriate ‘person-relation-event specific gift’.

As per founder Praveen Singh Rajput, while subscribing, one has just to add members to his group to whom he wants to send gifts and then answer few questions related to demography, personality, relationship and events, and the rest work will be done by the AI/ML-based algorithm to sort out the most suitable  ‘person-relation-event specific gift’ and that would be delivered automatically to the person at the time of events throughout the year.

What’s the Buzzzzzz

Started in June 2018, FRINZA provides a one-stop-gifting e-commerce solution. Within its two years stint, it has expanded its base to 550+ Indian cities and five overseas countries with just 3hrs of delivery time. As of now, it is serving in 30+ categories, 180+ subcategories with 1500+ child categories.

It is catering to all the gifting segments with its exquisite collection of souvenirs, cherry-picked flowers, luscious cakes, scrumptious chocolates, tender plants, mesmerizing books and a wide array of personalized products planned with a befitting sense of elegance for every occasion. With the mantra of ‘Making Emotions Tangible’, FRINZA has a world-class team of florists, bake experts, and gifting experts who work with a simple vision – to fetch a warm smile on our customer’s face and a twinkle of delight in their eyes with every gift we deliver.

Story behind the Inception

From FRENZY to FRINZA – the journey lies here. Founder Praveen Singh Rajput hails from the small village of Kathwar Parvezpur in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh. He grew up in a culture where even the small events are celebrated together with utmost joy and excitement by villagers. But in quest of career goals of a Hindi medium schooled boy, he got so engrossed that he gets accustomed to occasional messaging to loved ones during celebratory events like most of us.

Through his sheer hard work, he landed at SIBM Bengaluru for doing MBA after scoring an impressive 99.95 percentile in SNAP(one of the toughest MBA entrance exams). But life at MBA school became more hectic for him and in order to cope with all the case solving, tight deadlines, peer learning, he became super busy.

He used to get numerous complaints and taunts from his near and dear ones for ignoring them as he has now become a Businessman. These things drive feelings of guilt inside him as for most of his life he has enjoyed every small celebratory moment in a Frenzied manner.

The final trigger happened during his final year of MBA at SIBM Bengaluru, when he forgot to wish his mother on her birthday and subsequently on Mother’s Day which coincidentally falls in the same week. This incident led him to think deeply about how individualized we are becoming in the quest of making a good career and started to ponder how we can make relationships relevant even in this scenario.

Subsequently, the Eureka moment took place when he scheduled a birthday gift for his girlfriend after too much online searching where he discovered the lack of relevant gifting options.

To his utter surprise, the gift got delayed by two days and while escalating the matter, he met with the co-founder Trupti Lenka, who has 5+ years of operational expertise in this domain. Thereafter, both came together to address the challenges in the online gifting world and to spread a culture of community happiness, and to get rid of feelings of guilt on forgetting important dates for loved ones. And thus, FRINZA was born to spread an aura of Frenzied joy and happiness.

The Road Ahead

With a vision of spreading happiness, giving shapes to emotions, and creating happy community circles, FRINZA is inching steadily towards its mission to establish itself as a synonym of gifting in the world. FRINZA is eyeing to take a larger pie of the global gifting market estimated to be $475 billion as well as the Indian market estimated to be $84 billion by 2024.

Founder Praveen Singh Rajput aims to make gifting subscriptions as easy, widespread, and familiar as milk and newspaper subscriptions. And in this direction, FRINZA is trying many new innovative things like exploring digital gifting options whereby we will be able to send customized digital greetings, messages from favorite celebrities and influencers to our special ones on their memorable occasions. This will not require any physical movements and thus, FRINZA will be shockproof from unprecedented situations like the present Covid crisis.

Also, to fasten the gifting culture, we are working towards launching our freemium service for one year in which we can send the most memorable gifts to our near and dear ones free of cost for one year. And with the latest weapon of AI and ML-powered recurring subscription model in his arsenal, Praveen believes FRINZA will accelerate rapidly in this direction.

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