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Faceorkut social media

The founder of the first social media in India
Sajin Velichennaparambath, a budding entrepreneur of the subcontinent, has carved a niche in the world of e-business.The journey began in the year 2017 when the young Mr. Sajin cofounded an e-business platform: The company listed as a non-government enterprise was touted as one of the most promising startups in India.

The young gun with an innovative mind and visionary approach has taken a few confident strides in the world of e-business.

The impressive portfolio of the young entrepreneur has a new addition: Faceorkurt, the first Indian social media platform. The platform, though in it’s nascent stage, has been well received by the citizens and is predicted to grow exponentially.

The platform is designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. To enable instant sharing of content between users, the platform is aided by Whatshey, a messenger that provides services like chat, call, and a plethora of instant messaging services. The future looks promising for both ventures as the initial response has been overwhelming.

Sajin’s industry experience, visionary approach, and zeal to provide the best to the netizens will surely help in building the social media platform. He had announced his arrival with his first venture, already establishing a permanent position in the international market.

Transparency in business dealings, zero-cost delivery schedule, and reasonable pricing are the ingredients of his successful recipe.

Sajin Velichennaparambath was born in the year 1992, to Devadasan and Shylaja in the small town of Kozhikode in Kerela, India. The eligible bachelor is armed with a Diploma from the Bharat Sevak Samaj University: the National Development Agency promoted by the Planning Commission of Government of India.

Although no awards and publications yet, he is gunning for great heights in India and the rest of the world.

A real team player and a great leader, Sajin is one of the best entrepreneurs in the country working with focus, grit, and determination.

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