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Trivandrum based Engagespot is helping websites to re-engage visitors

Trivandrum based Engagespot is helping websites to re-engage visitors and improve conversion rates through their web push notification automation platform.

You should have seen prompts like “Would you like to receive notifications from this website?” on at least one website by this time. That fast web push notifications are being adopted by websites. Trivandrum Technopark based Logidots Technologies Pvt Ltd has come up with a platform named Engagespot to help websites make the most out of push notifications


Engagespot is a web push automation platform to send personalized and targeted push notifications to users based on their behavior on a website. Web push notification is similar to push notifications from mobile apps. But for receiving web push, your users don’t have to install any apps on their desktop/mobile phone. And the notification is directly delivered to their device, even if they have closed the web browser.


One of the promising features of Engagespot is its Automation module, where you can define rules to trigger push notifications based on user’s behavior or profile data.

For example, you can define a rule to send a notification to a customer who added a product to cart but hasn’t purchased after 2 days.

Engagespot claims that web push notification is one of the best digital marketing channels for re-engaging customers and improve the conversion rates of a website. The average CTR for push notifications is around 20% whereas it is less than 5% for emails.

Engagespot also provides one-click install plugins for popular content management systems like WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento.


The motivation for building Engagespot

23-year-old Anand and Anandu started their first company back in 2015, while they were doing their final year B.Tech course. That was a web and mobile application development agency named Cloudfoyo. After completing the course, they moved to Kochi and were working out of Startup Village.

By 2016, they were getting lots of web and mobile application development projects. It was at that time, the idea of Engagespot struck their minds. Their clients were getting lots of visitors on their websites. But only less than 10% of the visitors purchase on first visit. That’s how they thought about adding web push notifications for converting the visitors into subscribers, so that they could reach out to these visitors later and bring them back. The results were pretty good. They were getting better click rates compared to marketing emails.

Thus, web push notifications helped them to push important messages to one time users and bring them back to the website. “And now we are working on making push notifications less annoying and more useful by implementing Artificial Intelligence for tracking user behaviour and predicting the optimal time for sending notifications.” says Anand. Engagespot is currently incubated at the Kerala Startup Mission.


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