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This StartUp Helps To Plan Trips With Hyper-Personalized itineraries


The idea Pintrip originated from a struggle to plan a decent travel itinerary, I know all you guys might be wondering what are these guys talking about? There are tons of travel blogs, review websites and not to forget the ubiquitous google maps. Haha, well imagine life without google maps.

Most of the travel inquiries that one comes across on the web are of the following natures:

“I am going to <popular place p> for <n> days. Please suggest an itinerary to me?


“I plan to go for 3 days to city 1 and 2 days to city 2. Any other places I should visit nearby?”

One wonders with the wealth of blogs, review websites and other information available online these are redundant questions. Most of the people keep off their traveling plans just because of the mind numbing exercise of planning their travel and booking it. The plethora of blogs out there often leave the travelers confused and relying on suggestions from friends and family isn’t always the best option.

So how do you plan your travel that is uniquely you, without missing out on the things you would like to do? Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend around 15 – 20 hours trying to figure this out browsing through a ton of website. Pintrip has got it all figured out for you.

Pintrip’s parent company Vinfotech before embarking on this project had a vast experience of working with a lot of overseas startups, with that kind of experience and emphasis on design thinking a bunch of people passionate about travel and inclined to change the way people plan their travel, conceived the idea of Pintrip.

With a single-minded focus to answer the question “If I could go anywhere right now, I would go to ____?”

Pintrip aims to create a travel planning experience simple, unique and completely visual. Indians generally are known to have a ‘Do It for Me’ attitude and Pintrip aims to cater to that by generating hyper-personalized itineraries within seconds so that you can reduce your travel planning time to under half an hour.

India is fast becoming a country of Millennials with 700Mn of us by 2020. This millennial population doesn’t want to experience packaged tours, they typically spend hours online looking for travel inspiration, best times to travel, finding places to stay that suit them, build Itinerary accordingly and book. Fast forward all that Pintrip aims to take the hassle out of travel planning so that this millennial crowd can enjoy their trips and experience that are unique to them. Gives them the opportunity of discovering new places without taking too much of their time and not having to go through all that confusing information available online.

Next time you guys are looking to travel just hop on to and see the magic work, like poetry in motion. With these personalized results Team Pintrip is confident of creating the smartest travel planning tool for India which helps you discover new places and suggests itineraries suited to your taste.


About the author

Yash Wadhwani

Mr. Yash Wadhwani is an engineering graduate from the University of Pune in IT. he has had experience of working in technology big tech firms as well as startup companies. he has been actively volunteering in his home city of Indore to engage with budding entrepreneurs and has been effective in bringing together a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. He inclined towards experiential learning. When he is not working he likes to travel and read on tech innovations and startups.

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