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You want to promote your business online but you don’t have the tools to use that are more attractive and will attract more. You look for people who will create business related videos but you found no one. You don’t have to worry anymore because there are programs online that are simple and they don’t need any experience or special training for you to use them. You only have to upload the pictures of your business and an appropriate audio. After that your video will be created automatically that is more attractive. Here is a list of five tools you can use to create your business video just from simple procedures.

Cyberlink has many products to offer you such as video and photo editing tools. Some of the products you can find here include:
* Power DVD 18 ultra:
It is one of the world’s most known movie and media player for discs, video, and audio streaming tool.
* Power Director 16
This is the most famous video editor and is used by many people in the world.
* Photo Director 9
This is used for complete photo adjustment and design.
They also have free tools and apps for you to download and use them to edit your videos photos, movies and videos among many other things you will like to edit and give it a new look that is amazing and pleasing.

Explaindio has become one of the popular sites where marketers and business people create videos that engage their customers online. It creates for you the perfect picture of your real business online that are appealing. You can use Explaindio to create animations, doodle sketch and motion video creation among many features that you want to create that will promote your business online both in two dimensions and in three dimensions within minutes. It costs only $10000 for you to create a five-minute video.


Wave.video is an online tool for easily creating and publishing social media videos that are perfectly optimized for each channel. Marketers, digital agencies, and influencers use wave.video to repurpose video content or create new video content based on our library of free stock videos for their social campaigns, ads, and blog posts.

Videoscribe is software for creating whiteboard animations automatically online, which was launched in the year 2012 in United Kingdom by a company known as Sparkol. It is developed in adobe flash and it is well known for producing quick time movies and flash videos. It is available in desktop version, iPad app and an android app, which is available on google play. For new users the desktop version has a free seven days trial and after their, you can subscribe either monthly or yearly. It is widely spread in over 135 countries in the world.

This is software that allows you to create new wonderful sketch videos, skyrocket engagement that will boost and engage your business online. This online program is updated with new interactive edition that allows you to create live links in the video you are creating which will enable people visit your site just from the video such as Facebook, Skype, Sound Cloud and many other more links you will wish to create on your marketing video. It highly on demand and it has sold over 55,000 copies; many people have grown their business and projects for example: Hollywood film producers, regular business owners, doctors, schoolteachers among many others. The starter charge to create a video is as little as $37 and your investment is risk free and 100 percent satisfaction policy.

This is proven software where anyone can create doodle videos without experience that will increase sales and conversations. You can choose to download the program on your Mac or the PC and start creating your video in the next 60 seconds. Doodly has a royalty free library of scenes which are done for you, characters, props and also various sounds or you can upload your own, which you can export them either in HD or SD format to your computer or phone within minutes.

Do not start creating physical objects for them to attain the graphic you want to show people and start filming with a video camera to create a video. This will just waste your time and resources and end up producing a video of low quality. It might also cause injuries to people who are creating yourself. Use these online tools that will help you to create video or photos that will promote your business online within minutes for just a little cost and some are for free. Try it today and see your business transforming online.

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