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TheTeachersHub is an advanced home tuition app developed to fulfil the needs of all those looking for tutors to help them out. Forget about wasting time by looking through various tutors’ profiles and demo videos online. Here, you can get your ideal tutor in just a few clicks. From Academics and Competitive Exams to Yoga, Music, Dance, Art & Craft and Languages, we provide the best and most qualified tutors in every field.

Swetta Agarwaal, The Founder Of The Teachers Hub, Is Designated As A Co-Partner And Director In Her Esteemed Organization. TTH, The Brainchild Of Swetta, Was Created In 2018, To Counter The Struggle Of Finding An Appropriate Tutor For Her Son. Since Incorporation, The Teachers Hub Has Catered To A Variety Of Clients With Satisfactory Services All Across Eastern India.

Swetta Is A Self-Made Entrepreneur. She Is A Fierce And Determined Woman Who Started Her Journey With Just Rs. 2,000/- In Her Pocket And A Very Short Period Took The Teacherss Hub To New Heights Of Success. Just After A Year Of Incorporation, The Teachers Hub Was Awarded As The Best Ed-Tech Company In Eastern India In 2019. Both The Partners, Swetta And Saurav Were Interviewed By RJ Parveen And They Also Got Featured On Tazaa TV Representing Their Company.

Swetta Is The Passionate And Driven Face Of The Teachers Hub. Besides, She Has A Reserved Nature And Believes In Simplicity. Where Sports Are Concerned, She Is A Top-Notch Player In Basketball And Table Tennis.

Swetta Earned Her B.Com Degree In 2003. She Was Born And Brought Up In A Small Town Named Karimpur. She Shifted To Kolkata After Marriage. She Is Married To An Incredibly Talented Interior Designer And She Is Also A Proud Mother Of A Handsome Boy.

Swetta Started With Her Career All Alone From Home Itself. With The Discovery Of The Light Of Success, She Decided To Expand Her Business By Forming A Team. So She Appointed A Partner. Gradually, As The Business Did Well, The Teachers Hub Got Registered And Also Had A Place Of Business As Well.

Swetta Has Seen A Lot Of Struggles In Life, Financial Struggles Leading The Pack. But Just Like A Strong Willed Lady, She Never Lost Hope. She Possesses The “Go And Get It” Attribute. It Is Difficult To Fulfill The Duties Of A Wife, Mother, And An Entrepreneur Together, But She Has Done It With Utmost Grace And Affection, Without Compromising One With The Other. She Is A True Believer Of The Saying ” A Life Spent Making Mistakes Is Not Only More Honorable But More Useful Than A Life Spent Doing Nothing”.

Swetta Believes In Quality And Honesty. She Aims To Consistently Deliver Best-Quality Services To Her Clients, And Make The Teachers Hub The Most Trusted Brand And One-Stop Destination For Like Services.

Saurav Agarwaal, Is The Partner And Director Of The Teachers Hub, With More Than One And A Half Years Of Expertise In Creating Impact In The Lives Of Students And Parents Across Eastern India.

His Passion, Hard Work, And Positive Outlook Towards Life Have Taken The Teachers Hub To New Heights. Just After 1 Year Of Joining, TTH Was Awarded As The Best Ed-Tech Company In Eastern India In 2019. Both The Partners, Sweta And Saurav Were Interviewed By RJ Parveen And They Also Got Featured On Tazaa TV Representing Their Company, The Teachers Hub.

Aside From Being The Energetic And Passionate Face Of TTH, Saurav Has A Down To Earth Nature With A Very Friendly Persona. Where Sports Are Concerned, He Is A Top-Notch Player In Chess And Badminton. Like A True Sportsman, He Takes All The Problems Of Life As A Challenge And Does Not Believe In Giving Up On Life Easily.

Saurav Earned His B.Com Degree In 1998 With A Finance/Accounting Major.

Saurav Was Born And Brought Up In Kolkata. He Ages 43 Now And Has Experience In A Variety Of Industries During His Career. He Started His Career About Two Decades Ago In An FMCG Industry Where He Served Around 4 And A Half Yrs. Later, He Moved To A Telecom Industry Where He Worked As A Centre Manager In Nokia Care For About 2 Yrs. He Then Switched His Job In An International BPO As A CCE And Continued To Work There For 3 Yrs. His Last Job Before Joining TTH Was As An Admin Head In A Company Where He Served For Around 10 Yrs. While Working There, He Got An Offer From His Friend Sweta, The Founder Of The Teachers Hub, To Partner Up With Her In Her Company. Saurav Is An Optimist For Opportunities. So, Without Any Defer, He Grabbed The Opportunity.

Saurav Has Seen Various Struggles In Life, But He Never Lost Hope. He Is A True Believer Of The Saying ” When The Need To Succeed Is As Bad As The Need To Breathe, Then You Will Be Successful “.

Saurav Is Currently Working As A Director Of The Teachers Hub For The Last One And Half Years, Curating The Lives Of Many Children With His Expertise. He Aims At Delivering High-Quality Service To His Clients And Taking The Brand Of The Teachers Hub To Touch New Heights Of Success With Creativity And Innovation.

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