Tavaga Raises Seed Funding – To Help Youngsters Invest in Stock Markets

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Everyone wants to multiply the money that have been able to save from their daily-life. Stock market seems to be one of the most tempting way to invest money after property and gold investment. However, often we are caught in dilemma of not knowing it all about mutual funds etc.

Ravinath Dasika from Mumbai faced similar situation when he wanted to invest his hard-earned money and being from financial background, need of better offers, options and oppurtunity was felt and there started the budiling of platform called Tavaga and today they have announced that Tavaga funding news that seed funding have been introduced by Tracxm Syndicate. While the news offers great news for Tavaga, the invesment amount is undisclosed.

Ravinath, an alumnus from IIT and London Business School said “There was a huge gap in market that led to what TAVAGA is today“.

In India, over $200 billion is available in mutual fund investments and the amount of savings in fixed deposits is over five time this amount and Tavaga helps them take advantage of stock market. They fulfil the new-age need of investments with technology based solution.

Tavaga funding news comes at a very strategic time as currently testing of the first release of their product is in progress, and has customers who have committed assets of over $767k (INR5 Cr) for management. We hope that Tavaga provides better solutions to consumers.

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