ORIGA Leasing Raises $1 Million Funding from ah! Ventures and 500 Startups

Origa Leasing Funding

ORIGA Leasing, the asset financing company from Mumbai have raised funding worth $1 Million (Absolute valued at over Rs 7 Crore) from ah! Ventures, 500 Startups and several other high profile investors.

ORIGA Leasing aims at using this funds in impromptu incremenet towards leasing of assets and changing the manner how SMEs manage assets in India. It is interesting to understand that ORIGA is one of the few companies in India who offers financing ecosystem with respects to asset leasing with main focus on high-growth business model.

The alternative financing industry in India is estimated to be over $ 50 billion and as per ORIGA officials :

The difference between conventional financing and new ages financing needs of companies is very huge and the gap can be filled with ORIGA.

ORIGA Leasing Funding : The Initials

ORIGA was started in Q2 2013 and they work on the philosophy of Access to Finance. They provides services to companies across all sectors including healthcare, sanitation, alternative energy, manufacturing etc.

The concept of ORIGA is way different from conventions and it will be interesting to see how they perform in market after this ORIGA Leasing funding usage and we need to keep an eye to see which key-player enters this market at big level.

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