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StartUp Gimbooks Offers SMEs Umbrella Of Invoicing Services

It was around the time when GST was launched In India, when everyone was confused about invoicing and book-keeping because of the new indirect tax reforms in the country. There were changes in formats of invoicing and filing returns with the government. These returns have to be mandatorily filed as any non-compliance towards the same may lead to disallowance of input tax credit, apart from attracting penalties and interests, etc. It would not be wrong to say there was chaos everywhere, in almost every business fields, at least for sometime.

As a trader of few industrial products, based out of a tier II city Raipur, Yash Raj Agrawal thought there was a need of an Invoicing software for small and medium scale business-owners like him, which would be GST Compliant, could be totally operated not only from a PC but also from their smart phones as in this generation of everything going mobile, Invoicing was still stuck in the traditional manual bill-books method for majority of small businesses.

With even SMEs preferring the comfort of a smart phone for most transactions like sending payments, email communications, etc., it was only natural to hope that there should be a great mobile app for GST compliant invoicing and book-keeping where in these could be done in seconds from anywhere, anytime on the Go.

Gimbooks was started in August 2017 as an easy-to-use Invoice maker app (with the name of GST invoice maker) in Android. The idea was to have a simple invoicing app, which could be used even by a layman, yet have a good user experience and where in day to day invoicing could be done and shared from anywhere, anytime in seconds. This app got an amazing response from people through out the country. Users themselves started demanding new features everyday. That was the time when Yash decided to build it to a whole accounting software from an only invoicing app. Thus, Gimbooks was taken as an umbrella name for his brand.

As of now, Gimbooks  offers  an intuitive, online accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that assist businesses in creating and managing GST complaint professional looking invoices, waybills, quotations, purchases, inventories, reports and various other things required in day to day business and is geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses.

Though Gimbooks has transformed itself from just an invoicing app to an accounting app and web based Saas prouduct, the fundamentals still remains the same as before. They still market their software as layman friendly, indian-centric, USP being the simplicity, great user experience and available at a very very low price in the market. Their Flagship product is their Andriod app, Easy Invoice manager, which has a subscription based paid model, after a month of free services for its users. It has over 80,000 downloads and around 1400 paid subscriptions as of today. Users can also have free access to their website www.gimbooks.com in which they can manage their books of accounts in their PCs also.

The Startup claims to have a 20% month-over-month growth rate. Also, they are working on many more features in their software like GST return filings, claiming ITC, bank integrations, per industry and per user customisation level models, etc. They also have plans to launch similar products for various other countries as per their need.

Gimbooks will be celebrating their first anniversary soon and its just a start for them.


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