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Knitter : Social Networking App for Rural India
Knitter : Social Networking App for Rural India
"Knitter is developed with the vision to empower rural areas for rural development by connecting them through India’s only social network for Rural India.

development by connecting them through India’s only social network for Rural India.

development by enlightening themselves with the content that knitter provides them on our knitter channel and our blog website and become self-reliant.

entertainment, gram panchayat, information, and news, problems
(ii) General timeline – You can share your post in general without selecting any category.

Knitter channel – It is Knitter’s library to provide every essential detail related to rural India such as-

Rural development- Gram panchayat, the gram sabha

Agriculture- mechanization, organic farming

Schemes- central and state

Govt department – central and state

Guest User
– Users can experience only the main feature of the app.

Upcoming features –
(i) The content of knitter channel can be shared on other apps.
(ii) Users will be able to react and comment on knitter Channel posts.
(iii) Users will be able to share the content from other apps to Knitter’s timeline.
(iv) Feedback google form for users.
(v) More videos and use case cards on features explanation to make the user journey easier.
(vi) Improvements in creating posts, member lists, and your favorite village list and features.

The information provided in the app is for knowledge purposes only. We are not associated with the government, government organizations, or agencies. All the content provided by Knitter on the platform through Knitter Channel is created only for informative purposes, so as to create awareness and educate the users of the app. Primarily the source of the content posted by Knitter includes the Constitution of India, Panchayati Raj Act, Any act in force in India, Websites of Central Panchayati Raj Department, all States Panchayati Raj Departments, press releases from the government and some other sources.

Our sources include the following
www.rajpanchayat.rajasthan.gov.in (http://www.rajpanchayat.rajasthan.gov.in/)
Panchayati Raj – Raj Panchayat > Home

Terms and conditions – https://www.knitter.co.in/terms
Privacy and policy – https://www.knitter.co.in/privacy

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