Qwaiting: The Startup That Makes Waiting Less Painful


About the Product and Founder

Qwaiting is a software designed for queue management, aimed at assisting organizations in managing customer flow and improving staff productivity. It is an excellent tool for boosting company growth and generating revenue. 

Mr. Rohit Garg is the proud founder of Qwaiting. He is the sole brain behind the tool that is revolutionizing the ways that companies operate.

A Complete Journey About the Product

Qwaiting’s journey is a captivating one. Mr. Rohit Garg’s inspiration to create this software arose from a conversation with a friend in Singapore who shared the difficulties he faced in managing his business. His friend struggled with customer management, which resulted in decreased revenue. As a solution, Qwaiting was launched in Singapore in April 2018 with the goal of assisting companies, whether small or large, to improve their work efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Come Up With the Idea of Qwaiting

Considering the scenario of managing and handling customers in retail stores, banks, or any commercial setting, he decided to research well and look into this matter in depth. After meeting a few bank managers, restaurant owners, and other firm owners, he learned the difficulties that businesses faced while dealing with customers. 

His interest in creating a cutting-edge solution that could diminish the customer’s waiting time and eliminate the queues with an easy and robust experience emerged.
His prime motive was to create an active waiting experience, reduce costs, boost sales, and enhance brand reputation. 

After gaining a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses and their customers, he launched Qwaiting.

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