LifCare – India’s Largest Subscription Pharmacy For Chronic Patients

LifCare is India’s largest subscription pharmacy for chronic patients and is making chronic health management simple, convenient, affordable and easily accessible for everyone.
As per a report, India has approximately 25% of its population suffering from chronic diseases and about 1/3rd of this population does not adhere to its maintenance medicine. This leads the patients to hospitalization which costs a lot of time as well as money in terms of healthcare costs. The nation lost a whooping 300,000 lives to Diabetes alone in 2015 due to non-adherence.


LifCare was born to solve this problem. The company believe they can save these lives by the use of knowledge and technology. Lifcare is redefining chronic disease management and the medicine supply chain using intelligent technology and data science that includes refills management, prescription digitization, offline to online shift, medicine reminders, intelligent warehouse stocking and smart logistics.
Founded in late 2015 by a team consisting of IIT/IIM alumni having several years of industry experience in companies like BCG, Bain Capital, J&J, Cipla, Grofers, Caremark, Runnr and SAP Labs, LifCare aims to enhance the whole pharmacy experience for patients by providing a relationship-oriented, technology-driven and convenient environment.


One of the salient features provided by LifCare to its customer include, but are not limited to, free door-step delivery of all regular medicines to registered members at a flat 15% discount on MRP without the need for any minimum order amount! The company checks the authenticity of medicines and ensure that members get 100% genuine and original medicines through government approved pharmacists. From proactive monthly refills to updating dosages to making sure adherence improves, LifCare take care of everything. The company claims that they are an ideal healthcare company for patients on long duration medicines for Diabetes, Heart, Hypertension, Thyroid, Kidney disorders, etc.


This Jaipur based startUp currently serve 20000+ subscribed members in Jaipur and New Delhi by providing them with their regular medication. Believing that a good disease management is not only about adhering to medicines, but also in proving personalized care to the patients, LifCare has designed personalized disease-specific care packages that include diagnostic tests, doctor consultations, diet counselling etc. that helps their members in managing their conditions much better. In addition, they have been successful in enabling patients in understanding their disease and medicines in greater detail that helps them in their overall disease management.


LifCare continues to win people’s trust and support in taking care of their health and is very proud to be in an industry that can make a real difference to millions of lives!

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