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Whenever someone utters the word Wedding in front of me, it makes me think of event planning. This is due to the fact that while wedding for many of us would be a simple event to enjoy, I have seen most of the people who are directly related to the wedding event, that they are unable to enjoy it for even a second.

This is pretty obvious as it ages to create reputation and only a second to spoil it all. Wedding is such an event where the entire name sake of your family is on the needle point as a single mistake can spoil the event. And not to forget that wedding is one of the event where there are most number of third-party vendors being involved.

We need to take care of photographers, anchors, make-up artists, wedding planner, caterers etc. It is almost impossible for a single person to handle it all and hence we always feel need of some resource which could handle it all on our behalf. Letsplanevent is a venture which does it all. It is the biggest online platform for finding wedding vendors from florist to wedding venue, based on real time availability, reviews and their previous work history. Users can even book vendors from our website, post their requirement, so the vendors can contact him and send great offers.

Not just this, they also allow users to buy items which are necessary for wedding events. One can even get ideas, booking for theme based weddings and there are numerous vendors available for the same.

Founded by Lokmani Kumar, Letsplanevent operates from New Delhi and have been running on bootstrap funding model since Jan 2015.

So what are you waiting for, its your turn to have a look at what Letsplanevent have in offer for you.


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