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For every business, every startup, Innovation is the catalyst for growth. No business can survive by just continuing with conventional and staid concepts. Startups can not go very far if they have not that unique innovative idea that out-stands them among the large pool of players in the market and can be their Unique Selling Point (USP).

Importance of innovation is felt and encouraged by companies and this is evident from the fact that many organizations keeps a part of their annual budget only for promoting ideas and innovation. Some organizations also have dedicated department working for nurturing ideas submitted by the employees after being evaluated by technical and market experts.

What if you are college student and your college does not has any such faculty/department that can invest time in your idea and can guide you to further nurture the idea to give it a shape in actual world. We met two such innovators who are running a startup Eze Innovations and actually working towards this concern of students and help them to grow their idea and/or college project.

How Eze Innovations actually ease innovation?

EZe stands for Engineering to Zenith. We started as a mechanical product design startup with an aim of promoting Innovation in Indian minds. We work by integrating Looks, aesthetics and Engineering. We have a four fold plan.

  • Product design consultancy services.
  • Inventor’s Den- This is basically for people with innovative minds. If they have an innovative idea, they can mail us, we will develop the idea with them and pitch that in market. Equity is shared between us and that guy with idea
  • EZe’s projects- We have some of our own Innovative projects which we will pitch in market soon.
  • EZe learn- No innovation can take place without complete knowledge. Hence we provide unconventional workshops for school and colleges.


Tushar Gulati- CEO of EZe Innovations. Third year Mechanical and Automation Engineering Student from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Having a good experience of Designing and worked in different Industries and companies. Started Designing with a Bike Modification Startup. Worked with some startups as Product Engineer. Also has experience of Internship in some big companies like BMW India, Chennai Plant.

Rohit Gupta- CTO of EZe Innovations. Third Year Mechanical and Automation Engineering Student from the same college. Rohit is an outstanding Product Designer, keen learner and always up for challenges. He can Design for 16 hours a day and a witty guy. He has a theory of Work Hard and Party Harder.

When asked about motivation factor behind starting Eze Innovations, they told “Difference in our perception about engineering” and quoted humorously “the reality of engineering colleges motivated us to start EZe Innovations”

When asked about the inspiring personality/Idol in entrepreneurship world they told “Ratan Tata.. Actually his ideology is quite motivational”

About future plans “We are looking forward to reach in every engineering college of India so that students get motivated to Innovate and we will provide them the resources to do so.”

All the very best Buddies ! – IndiStart Team

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