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Yes. Social media is the key outreach platform for all – individuals, brands, services and businesses. What is also an ‘of course’ kind of statement is that Social media platforms are media vehicles – much like television, radio and outdoor. That is where you find audience. But then, you need a story to tell. What drives the engagement and excitement is still the content.


#LetsGoSocial team drives the narrative of this story for the businesses they partner. Adds Rishiraj Sethi, the Head of Business at #LetsGoSocial “All movies have more or less the same storyline. A guy. A girl. Romance. Heartbreak. People in between them. Reconciliation. Happily ever after. And the credits roll. But the same story has game changing elements from Shrek to Bahubali – the narrative. It’s not the story but how it is told that makes the impact. Elements, props, ancillary characters, visualization changes the whole appeal of the all-so-rotten storyline. Our single-minded focus is to capture that narrative right and then capture the mind space of the audience.”


Social Media is a billboard in a handheld. The more exciting the message, the more probability of engagement. Over the years, #LetsGoSocial has managed to scale social media campaigns and blogs to create an aura for products as well as people. “With a focus on real estate, healthcare, hospitality, education and e-commerce verticals, #LetsGoSocial has been bagging new businesses every month. But then, we are equally fine with disengaging with businesses who take social media as a quick turn around on ROI. You need to invest time, effort, money as well as analytical course-correction into making an impact on this medium.” Says Shailendra Dixit, the co-founder.


A clear philosophy of all businesses is ‘Make noise. Be heard’. Social Media takes it to another level and #LetsGoSocial is all about making noise at the right pitch with a narrative that people should love to come back to. So if you are looking at outsourcing the noise making part of your marketing plans, you know who to socialize with. About Let’s Go Social:


Let’s Go Social is a specialized service digital agency incorporated in the year 2016. It provides services like the social campaigns, data crunching, sales growth, digital footprints and social aura. The brand portfolio of the company includes clients like Nokia, Microsoft, AIMA, PokerBaazi, Reach, AcademySID, FLB Resorts to name a few.

Featured Image courtesy: LetsGoSocial facebook page

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