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Health niche market is a genre which is one of the most used and find its utility in all human forms. With the ever-increasing requirement in health facilities, we have seen a rapid growth in health based startup sectors with the likes of many health genre startups emerging on daily basis.

Not just startups, even the number of hospitals, clinics, chemists are also increasing exponentially to support human life. As we move to a world where everything is going on an automated and electronic way and with a software solution coming for every life and business need, these healthcare platforms also require IT solutions which are generic and customized.

We came across a unique startup named HueHealth which aims at empowering the healthcare service providers (Doctors, Chemists, Hospitals, Labs and Suppliers) with light and affordable cloud based IT solutions. HueHealth is a IIT-Delhi based startup which have been launched last month (Sep 2015).

About HueHealth Co-Founders & Concept

HueHealth is co-founded by Mr Praveen Kumar who is an alumni of IIT Delhi and Mr Manan Suri from Cornell University USA.

HueHealth is currently running on bootstrap model and have been assisting people with providing healthcare choices in terms of location, quality and cost. Their platform seems very easy to operate and can be used from any device with ease.

Following are the services offered:

  • Schedule appointments with best doctors of your locality.
  • Get medicines at your doorstep.
  • Get you path-report(s) online.
  • Rent or purchase health equipment.

HueHealth as a concept seems very promising as not every healthcare provider can afford to get solutions which are way too expensive. We hope that they help the nation with better health-service availability.

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