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Education is an integral part of human life and has been accepted by all forms of society. Infact, the literacy rate of a society is often used as a scale to know and understand the meaning of life for people. We have seen a lot of startups who have been related to education niche, but I have been admiring one of them which is not very famous, but have been operating since 2009.

EntranceCorner provides online educational service and helps students at different phases of their academic career. The service, managed by EduKriti Learning Solutions, caters to the needs of students to make an informed career decision and realize that decision.

Here is the concept gist explained:

We know that in this competitive world only hard work is not sufficient for a student to be successful. Correct decision at correct time always is turning point. In the academic career of a student, he/she has many career options to choose and further that career choice has different set of choices like college, degree, course etc. It seems very hard for a student and even for parents to analyze that which career option is better. strives to equip students with resources and accurate information which would help them to take right decisions and achieve their career goals. They can find detailed information related with all fields such as engineering, medical, law and commerce.

You can either register to the website or login through your facebook credentials. As you register, you start getting latest news and updates about careers and various entrance examinations. The portal also works as a social platform where you can connect with other students, share videos, photos and comments.

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