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Healthism- one stop solution for non mediclaimable healthcare expenses

Healthism Savings Card – one stop solution for non mediclaimable healthcare expenses

Healthism Savings Card – Solution for ever-increasing out of pocket healthcare expenses.

Healthism was launched with an intent to make healthcare worry-free. It is a Mumbai based startup, recognized by DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion) under the Startup India initiative as an innovative start-up. Healthism offers multiple solutions to make healthcare accessible and easy. Healthism introduced a Savings card that helped people reduce the burden of the day to day healthcare expenses. Healthism also joined hands with Mumbai police to help the families of Mumbai Police reduce the cost of out of pocket healthcare expenses with Healthism Savings Card and the initiative was launched by then CM of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis.

The fundamental concept of Healthism Savings card is “Savings on Non-Mediclaimable Expenditure” i.e. expenses we incur on day to day basis but are not reimbursed by health insurance companies.  Healthism has more than 74k plus partner facilities across India where Healthism offers the discount and more than 3, 50,000 people have got benefited by using the Healthism Savings card. Post the covid-19 pandemic, the uncertainty with regard to healthcare and expenses related to it have increased. Healthism Savings card has thus become a must have card for every family. All the big national labs as well as local labs and health centers have partnered with Healthism.

Main areas where Healthism savings card is most beneficial.

Pathology and Diagnostic centers:

Majority of the regular expenses that families incur are for various tests like blood tests, X-rays, MRI scans etc. They a lot of money which is generally not covered by Health insurance and mediclaim. Sometimes the cost goes beyond 20k-25k depending on the tests. Healthism Savings Card on an average helps to get 20-30 percent discount on the pathology and radiology tests.


Almost every family has a regular spend on medicine, especially where you have elderly parents and kids. Healthism ensures special discounts at the local pharmacies. Healthism also facilitates home delivery of medicines through its licensed retail partners with 15-20 percent discount.

Dental Care:

Dental care and surgeries cost substantial amounts and because of the nature of the treatment, they are not covered by health insurance and mediclaim. Healthism has top dental care brands on board who offer 20 to 40 percent savings on all kinds of dental care consultations and treatments.

Best features of Healthism Savings Card:

74,000 plus Savings TouchPoints (The largest in India with a strong presence in Mumbai. Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat & other top cities in India where Healthism facilitates the treatment and helps patients to get discount).

Wide Category of Tie-Ups with healthcare centers where Healthism card can be used to avail discounts (Hospitals, Multi-specialty hospitals, Dental Clinics, Pathology Labs & Diagnostic Centres, Eye Specialists & Opticians, Pharmacy, and many more)

One card for one family concept (Family of 6 enjoy same benefits throughout the membership validity)

No upper limit of discounts that you and your family can avail.

Can be used any number of times throughout the year.

Hyperlocal Model (Tie-Up with the small/neighborhood Medical Service provider in addition to the national level players)

Onboarded Wellness services (Trichology, Nutrition, Fitness, and Gym) in addition to HealthCare services.

Subscription charge is Rs 999/- plus GST for one year.

The cardholders also get 1 GB free space on web platform to digitize and save their medical records in an encrypted and password-protected manner and access them from anywhere.

Discount on Ambulance services as well for emergency and non-emergency cases.

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Pre-approved Medical Loans facility:

Healthism savings card also collaborating with Banks and NBFCs to offer a pre-approved medical loan facility for emergency and non-emergency medical treatments to all its card users.

Healthism Hope freelance job program:

Healthism also recently has launched Healthism Hope program to help the thousands of people who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 in India. Healthism is doing its bit to help people whose careers have been badly impacted due to the pandemic and offers an opportunity to freelance with Healthism in sales and promotions and generate substantial income.

In case you had to retrench from your company due to COVID-19 or know someone, please share this initiative with them, and help them restart their career.

The candidates will be trained by experienced professionals and can work from home at your convenience to generate substantial income for themselves.

To know more about Healthism, visit the website:-

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