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Cake2homes: Success story of turning an idea into an opportunity


Cakehomes is one of the India’s fast growing cake, flowers and gift home-brand. They have a huge network of across more than 150 cities in India. Hemin Shah established it in 2016.

What’s extremely special, though, the service as one stop solution for every celebration product from cake flowers and gifts. Imagine a contactless platform which has everything you need to celebrate any occasion or if you want to surprise anyone with gift. That’s exactly what Cake2homes is. Cake2homes is a brand for every celebration. 

Man behind Cake2homess

Hemin Shah is the person to have the vision, intend to act, and take the necessary steps in order to create Cake2homes. 

Hemin Shan is not a chef, not from a millionaire background or not a boy from any management college. He is a simple Gujarati boy from middle class family and no business background. After completing graduation he started his career after joining a company as an employee. But his passion to start his own business kicked off to start Cake2homes.

The boy from small town rides as a successful entrepreneur with a simple rule of business. His mantra to sustain in today’s business is “the customer is everything.” 

Let’s dig into Hemin Shah’s inspirational story.

The objective behind Cake2homes

Hemin Shah comes from a simple middle class background, where most of the occasions are celebrated among family and friends together. For them, any celebration means to have a get together and cake. 

The concept of Cake2homess came after attending a friend promotion party. Where the party organizer felt embarrass when all guest waited late for the cake to get delivered. And they felt more embarrassed because the delivered cake was not fresh and it ruined their moment.

Hemin particularly observed mostly his friends struggles on finding the best cake. Problems like late delivery, no personalized cake, getting smashed cake and many others were the common issue. At that point in time he felt to start his startup and deliver best service and product.

With office hours, he started and handled the business of cake, flowers, and gifts. He struggled to start his own business because of his fewer saving but his friend’s support helped him.

His friends and neighbors encouraged and became his 1st customer to place an order. And soon he left his job for his dream ‘Cake2homess’. 

In his own words, ‘I always wanted to have own business but didn’t know from where to start. But this idea worked and rocked’.

Now, cake2homes have appointed a team of experts to manage different department for every small and big issue from the quality of product to supply chain. In the early stage of business, he set a team for client service where customers can call in case of any issue or order their personalized cake. 


Hemin started Cake2homes from a small rental home. Initially, he managed single handedly every single thing from packaging to delivery of products to run business. But soon he created a team of experts for every segment. 

He built an impressive business model from scratch to finish. He did an outstanding job by selecting the right path, took care of proper processing, and employed. He appointed reputable suppliers, attempted to reserve a storage capacity unit, and ultimately focused on the delivery speed.

Hemin shah says ‘Every startup faces hurdles and several challenges. But success is to overcome challenges and learn from the journey’.

His observance and commitment to implement flawless service made him to create Cake2homes. He believes celebration should be enjoyed stress-free. His business is to present service for the customer and let them enjoy the celebration.


Cakehomes faced misfortune after the ongoing of 1 year business. Hemin Shah faced a massive road accident and was advised for bed rest. 

At some point, Cake2homess had to discontinue for months. But Hemin Shah took it as an opportunity and turns it into a good account. He brought his business to an online platform. 

And after his recovery, he struggled to set the business on track. This time Cake2homess was ready to deliver to different parts of the county. 

The journey of an unrecognized Gujarati boy to a brand known to every part of India. 

Hemin Shan believes “Advanced technologies and digitization can add rocket fuel to the revenue growth. They will provide you with more paths to help you compete at a much higher level. Traditional marketing is costly because it’s pay-to-play. An integrated approach makes locating and purchasing your brand simpler for shoppers”. 

It’s difficult to operate a business from home, but it’s inexpensive and a good choice for a new entrepreneur.

Observation and determination set his business to deliver products to different states.  In the words of Hemin Shah “I saw the idea to turn into an opportunity. But best taste and fresh product helped me to sustain in a competitive world and made us distinct from others’.

Success story

His path from a small city to the expansion of venture was not simple, but perfect for compelling storytelling. There are many different backstage stories of struggle on delivering orders to different parts of states. 

Hemin Shah says “The main challenge was not only to deliver cakes and gifts but to a deliver product of high quality. Fulfillment of Customer expectation is the lion’s share for business.”

Cake2homes proudly states its success by delivering cake not only to different states of India but is also set to expand its venture international. In a very short period of time, it has become famous brands for not only teenagers but among every age. 

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