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BuyRentBooks – Now Money Constraints Cannot Stop You from Reading


When I was in college, I spent a huge amount of money in buying books. Having done engineering from one of the well-known college of Delhi-NCR region, these books were only useful for six months. And after every semester, I had a new stack of books leaving the old one almost useless.

There are not many options left with us to use them back and I offered some of them to people in need online. But, it was difficult for me find a community who can help me with it. And last month, I found a solution to it. I came to known about BuyRentBooks who aims at buying, selling and providing books on rent.


BuyRentBooks, launched one month back, is an online book store that serve the used books, brand new books as well as Books On Rent. At BuyRentBooks, you can get used books at 60% and free home delivery in all over Delhi. I am totally in favor of promoting the use of used books in our community as anyone can get the same amount of learning from a used book as much as new one.

Students will have choice to order books of their choice from our large collection of books online. BuyRentBooks will have books for School students as well as Graduation level and Post- graduation level and books for novel lovers. BuyRentBooks will also have a ‘Entrance Exams’ section which will be useful for competitive exams like JEE advanced, JEE main, NEET, NDA, GATE ,UPSC etc. BuyRentBooks will serve students using their university data of recommended books and most preferred books in the university.

About BuyRentBooks Founders

BuyRentBooks is founded by IIIT and JIMS alumnus. They proudly call themselves Tech Geeks. The three co-founders Tarun, Sujeet and Mukesh are pursuing engineering from IIIT-D while the fourth co-founder Shubham is pursuing BCA from JIMS, Rohini.

We had a conversation with them and when we inquired about inspiration behind BuyRentBooks, they said: 

Many times we have scorch the market for 2-3 days in search for the specific books and many times we end up buying the substitution of those books or sometimes have to return home with  empty hands. This is the story of every semester. With every new semester starts, the expedition for search of books begins. I, myself, have given up my passion of reading novels only because I cannot afford much time on searching of books and on buying new books everytime from online platforms like Flipkart etc was making my pockets empty.

So, we all together decided to make a platform for the students to make their life easy to some extent.

BuyRentBooks Features

Below are some salient features of BuyRentBooks portal:

  • BuyRentBooks allows you to orders books from WhatsApp directlt.
  • Used Books are available at 60% , while one can rent books from as less as 25%.
  • Free Home Delivery all over Delhi within 48 hours.
  • Anyone can sell their old books.


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