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What is Clankart?

Clankart is an intercommunity marketplace dedicated to Students. Clankart is a FREE platform where students can buy, sell or even donate study materials like used books, notes, drafters, lab coats and much more from and to their Senior, Junior grads respectively ‘Inside their College’ bypassing middleman’s commission.

What problem is it solving?

Being an engineer, I know that lots of stuff we use in our course are needed only for one or two semesters. Like student require books, drafter, chart holder and geometry tool kit only for one semester, and after that they are of no use to them. But the same are needed by their junior grads. In the present model, students either sell their used books to scrap collectors or approaches to booksellers to sell their used books or other study materials. But booksellers barely pay them the actual worth and sell them to others at much higher prices. Like they generally buy these items at 25 to 40 percent of their actual price and sell them at 55 to 65 percent. So there is a discretionary need of these middlemen, but because there is no way out, this discretionary need has become obligatory one. Tossing this middleman from the transaction would be a win-win situation for both parties. Clankart is here for that! With the help of Clankart, students need not to rush to booksellers rather they can get their study materials from their senior students within their college.

On Clankart students can post ad to sell their study materials inside their college. And the interested buyer (student) will contact the seller (again a student) to buy that item. The chat feature allows the students to interact with each other directly via chat rather than talking to them.

Students can easily earn some extra cash by simply posting items that are no longer in use for them.

Our Idea

Our idea is to empower every student in the college to independently connect with buyers and sellers online and that too inside their college premises and thus trying to make their life simple. In other words our idea is to make student’s college as their marketplace.

What are the future plans?

Right now our predominant intention is cognizance of the concept among the students. As presently the student community is not much apprised of trading in their proximity. They are accustomed to the conventional ‘bazaar-based’ trading.

Going forward, we will be adding more functionalities and drilling-down into more categories. Our idea is to consistently keep adding something game-changing and worthwhile to Clankart’s experience.

About the Team

Nitesh Garg is a computer science engineer with ardor for entrepreneurship. He specializes in web technologies, SEO and marketing. Clankart is created and designed by Nitesh himself.  He started this as a college project but after getting encouraging response from his colleagues, he drove this college project to full-fledged marketplace with a vision to make student’s college as their marketplace.

Jivesh Garg is a computer science engineer. With over 5 years of extensive experience, he is working as a senior consultant in a renowned MNC at Bangalore. He oversees the ongoing operations, marketing strategies and undertake all the expenses. At Bangalore he market this platform at meetups and startup events. Apart from that he serves as mentor.

Sumanshu is a Bachelor of Commerce and is youngest in the team. He delivers this concept among the college students at ground level. He not only act as marketer but also collects information from students (for whom this platform is intended for) and help us to make strategies on how we can make student’s Clankart experience more engaging and worthwhile.

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