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7 Books Every Entrepreneur should read

No one is born an entrepreneur and no one is born with skills or life lessons- these can be learned from reading.
Books, newspapers, journals and magazines (today, even the internet) are sources to get a better understanding of the business world.
Entrepreneurs all over the world recommend these seven books to get you going for life. They are:


1. My Life in Advertising by the one and only Claude Hopkins. He’s the man who introduced coupons and response advertising. His book will give you insight on his journey and how he managed to conceptualize what consumers want and generate a response through advertising. He reveals what advertising is all about- you just have to pay attention to what’s written in the book.

2. The proverbs of Solomon, unlike other business books on failure, this one a great amalgamation of discipline, morals, wisdom and character of how to deal with a business gone bad and turning it into something positive.

3. How to get rich by the founder of maxim magazine- Felix Dennis. Everyone wants to be rich right? After all, money does control us. We fight, bleed and live for it so why not learn how to become rich? Mr. Dennis’s book explains a few mistakes that he made down the line and even hands out a couple of tips on how to make big bucks. It’s worth reading!

4. Work the System written by Sam Carpenter, a brilliant mind who understands the work system quite well. In his book he addresses questions that many entrepreneurs and companies are asking about regarding their failures.

5. The Star Principle by Richard Koch, the infamous author of the 80/20 principles. In his book, you will get to understand how he makes his fortune and the same formula can be implemented by you to turn your life around.

6. 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshal is a vague guide used to understand how to make more whilst doing less. Bill Gates once said he likes to hire lay people as they find a quicker way to get it done instead of a hard worker. The same formula applies here.

7. Money and The Prosperous Soul is a highly sought after book by many entrepreneurs because it helps you convert a certain amount of money into millions of dollars. This book by Stephen DeSilva sums up all you need to know about the industry.

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