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10 Books on time management

Time management- a quality not everyone has yet many have to develop in order to be successful in life.
1. 168 Hours: You have more time than you think by Laura Vanderkam
– This books holds a collection of multiple interviews of people who are happy and successful. In her book she identified that people differently manage their time to get things done- they balance out their love life and professional life.
– You will learn to manage time for things that matter. You will learn to divide time for your family, friends, work, exercise etc.

2. No BS time management for entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy
– This time management books will help you work on your self disciplinary sector and you learn to make more money managing time and understanding the value of it.


3. In Praise of slowness by Carl Honore
– Instead of getting things done in a fast manner, it is important for entrepreneurs to understand the importance on taking enough time to understand the pros and cons of timelines and decision making.
– Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs will learn how to make the most of an opportunity but at a steady pace instead of going hasty on every decision.


4. Organize Yourself by Kate Kelly
– Change is essential in every step of yore life. This book will introduce you to changing your mindset and our paradigm in order to get things done in a timely manner.
– You learn to get organized by understanding the value of time, money, energy and resources. All the elements when combined together make a great success path.


5. How did I get so busy by Burton Valerie
– Being busy all the time doesn’t necessarily mean you are being productive at all. This book will give you insight as to how to use time to get important things done at the same time being productive at what you do.


6. The 4 hour Work week by Tim Ferriss
– It’s a different book on Time management as it doesn’t focus on the basic or standard issues everyone writes or talks about.
– You are given suggestions on task management and crucial responsibilities that will help you save time and manage to get a great deal of work done in that time frame.


7. Time Management from the inside out by Julie Morgenstern
– If you’re looking for a hands-on book on practical assessments for time management then this is the book for you.
– You’re provided with a concept for time managements that practically and well mapped out.


8. Time power by Brian Tracy
– If you want to learn the ins and outs of time management through setting goals, understanding psychology and establishing your priorities then Brian Tracy’s book is your go-to option.


9. First Things First by Stephen covey
– Time management through balancing your daily activities can be achieved in a jiffy. Learn to integrate your traditional time management skills with modern ones to get the best of both worlds.


10. The one minute manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard
– This book highly focuses on time management for small businesses.
– Several case studies, behavioral sciences and techniques are presented to you to get a basic understanding of how to manage time and be productive at the same time.

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