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This StartUp Provides Concierge Services for NRIs & Their Family

BeamCrew launches first of its kind Premium Concierge Services Exclusively for Non-Resident Indian (NRI ) and
Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Community spread across the around the world and their family back home in India.

Imagine it’s your mother’s birthday in India and you want to send her a cake. Where do you start when you don’t know the best vendor, let alone that vendor’s location or phone number? Need Support for Healthcare and Day to Day multi-tasking supporter for your family back in India but problems and confused. Even right and accurate information and handling the process of purchasing a property or investments? Or imagine you’re an Indian college student in USA craving some plantain chips from Haldiram Foods, and the nearest Indian shop is miles away — what do you do? That’s where Beam comes in. Beam helps Indians in the diaspora get things done back home in India.

Beam helps Indians abroad care for loved ones back home that is helping its users get things done back home with high set standards. You can use Beam for all your and your loved ones in a range of services and errands anywhere in India on 24/7.

“The idea was to bring in NRI/PIO Community and Their family members back home In India with the High Standard Concierge and foster Service excellence. One way it is my personal experience when I was an expat and I found a lot of NRIs also face problems day to day basis dealing various issues and un-authenticated Service Providers back home in India which is the biggest hassle. No one to address and service the way NRI Community expect and in their own path which sparked the idea of Beamcrew .Beam also provide service to people living in India
but find that Indians abroad find the most value from Beam. This is because Beam deals with all the many inconveniences that come with doing any task in India, including following up with the vendor multiple times, going to places physically to make inquiries, having a rich network of suppliers, and actually delivering the final product to someone’s door. people are beginning to see customer service as a unique selling proposition. First of Its kind Premium Service like Beam to be at the forefront of that.” Ranadheer Reddy, Founder/CEO, BeamCrew

About BeamCrew

Beamcrew offers First of its kind Premium Concierge Services Exclusively for NRI /PIOs around the world with a vision to bring Community and Their family members back home In India with the High Standard Concierge to NRI community and foster Service Excellence. Beamcrew offer services NRIs no matter where they hail from and where they exile in the World with top-class facilities for Premium Services with in-company expert advice various Investment, Financial, Non-Financial, Healthcare and Day to Day Services – all accompanied with world-class hospitality in the form of premium services with international standards.


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