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The SaaS based Hiring Suite that revolutionizes the recruitment platform

The SaaS-based Hiring Suite that revolutionizes the recruitment platform

Hireica– virtual interviewing platform can provide you a complete platform for the recruitment process where you not only can search for jobs in India but on a global scale.Search your relevant job title which suits your profile and other needs our algorithm has been tailor-made for the needs of the job seeker and the employer and therefore provides a complete platform for the recruitment process.On the bright

On the bright side, it breaks the traditional recruitment process by decreasing the time consumption, resource, and money spent on the recruitment process. Also, it increases productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency compared to the traditional hiring process.

Most of the portals that are used in the hiring process currently are either focused on one particular area(programming challenges/developer jobs) or source, screen candidates data to the employer, but the true hiring/recruiting process should involve better processes to lift the right candidate not based on intuition but accurate algorithms.

A few years back when I was searching for jobs and applying for them online I came across some difficulties and searched for solutions but the was none, after I got placed in an MNC I was surprised that the difficulties that I came across had no solutions till then so I decided to solve the problem and give a real-time solution to the problem hence was my startup Hireica-virtual interviewing platform it provides the following features which can benefit both the employer and the jobseeker WebIDE with 19+ languages online virtual test virtual face to face virtual group discussion virtual offline interview Assign task visual CV HireDBMS HireFlow HireSense TeamHire .



A decrease in time consumption, resource, and money spent on the recruitment process Increase in Talent acquisition, productive, effective and efficient than the traditional hiring process.

FEATURES TO THE JOBSEEKER: A jobseeker after signing in with hireica can create/update their visual CV, enhance their technical skill set via virtual test Attend an interview from your place without visiting the company in person.once you attend a company via virtual interview track the status of your interview.

FEATURES TO THE EMPLOYER: Any employer who wants to hire a candidate should spend time, resources and money on the individual whether the individual is selected or not but when the employer addresses the recruitment process through Hireica money spend is drastically reduced,a minimal amount is resource is necessary, time consumption is reduced for instance if an HR is assigned 20+ interviews in a day then its highly tedious for the employer to sort out the right candidate.

At this point, virtual face to face interview and virtual offline interview can provide the solution for both the candidate and the employer. The candidate can not only record on their own time but the employer can review it multiple times.This ensures that the candidate on level playing field and also ensures that the time of the employer is not wasted Employer can customize the Workflow using HireFlow. HireDBMS will help the employers to find the right employee within minimum turnaround time with high retention rate. HireSense helps you to match the significant profiles that for the employer by which talent increases talent acquisition and eliminates the attainable to obtain the right candidate

WHAT MAKES HIREICA UNIQUE: Application filtering and matching profiles do not complete the recruitment process. Hireica provides a virtual interviewing platform where the tedious process, resource, utilities are replaced by time-saving, agile and productive hiring/recruitment platform.

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