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You don’t choose your passion they say, your passion chooses you. The founder of intact world Pratyush Nema experienced the same. Born in 1997, in the street of Seoni, Madhya Pradesh Pratyush was always enchanted by computers. Being a kid, to focus on studies his parents refused to buy him one. However, Pratyush had friends who played video games and operated computers. This made him familiar with them. He loved playing video games and discovering and learning about computers.
In 2012 Pratyush’s dad finally gifted him a computer, which he utilized for learning more about blogs and he immediately started blogging. But this isn’t the end of the story yet. His blogs failed due to no knowledge of marketing. Everyone fails at something, but not everyone stops trying. Pratyush went on searching for better options. He jumped into cyber security industry. He started working as a security researcher and penetration tester.

At the eve of New Year 2019, Pratyush launched Intact. Intact now is a feedback-driven privacy-focused social network with hundreds of users posting and sharing their experience. Intact makes receiving tangible recognition simple. Get Real-time feedback for Increasing clarity and alignment with personalized analytics to accelerate personal growth. Intact enables its community of users to foster meaningful connections, forge business relationships, and more. Intact comes with the aim of the global network initiative and constantly working towards making present technologies more transparent. Intact breaks down all gender-based barriers and allow users to connect on an equal level while allowing a chance to safely connect with other users. Intact allows users to meet up with other creative people and find friends with the same profession and with a positive and inspiring culture without any limits.
Eleanor Roosevelt had rightly said it, – “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” It takes nothing to dream however it requires everything to make them a reality.

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